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35ft Central Vacuum Low Voltage On/Off Hose - Friction Fit - 383


3.30 lbs
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35ft Central Vacuum Low Voltage On/Off Hose - Friction Fit - 383

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35' (35ft) Crush-proof, lightweight, 360-degree swivel central vacuum hose with on/off switch for the suction.

A replacement hose for anyone who uses an air driven non-electric power brush such as all models of TurboCat, TL2000, and T210.

Compatible with vacuum wall valves with two small low voltage metal contacts inside the 1.5 inch diameter hole.

Use with Chrome Extension Tube Wands.

  • TurboCat Air Driven Brush for all Central Vacuums - TP210

    The top selling 12.5-inch wide air-driven central vacuum HP TurboCat (aka TurboCat II, TurboCat Plus, TL2000, T210, and Ultra TP210 - coming in a variety of colors). Without electrcity, vacuum air spins the beater brush for deep carpet grooming. Use regular non-button lock extension wands, not included.

    TurboCat for Power, Performance and Maneuverability:
    TurboCat is the best turbine power head for central cleaning systems and canister vacuums. It offers responsiveness, maneuverability and a lighter, exciting cleaning spirit compared to some cumbersome, heavier electric power heads. And it's protected with a One-Year limited Warranty.

    The turbine-driven TurboCat like a turbine engine, has power to spare. This turbine wheel, whirling at a high RPM, generates the turbulence needed for a superior cleaning performance. The shaft support on the turbine is designed to prevent hair and other debris from causing belt breakage.

    Turboflex® Agitator:
    The Turboflex Agitator beats the carpet and scoops up deep-down embedded dirt. Unique four-way cleaning action and turbine power combine for maximum cleaning performance. The perfect powerhead for central cleaning systems and canister vacuums.

    Double-Edge Cleaning:
    TurboCat features double edge-cleaning instead of the ordinary side ports found in many vacuum cleaners and power heads.
    Engineers have ingeniously designed the TurboCat system so that both side edges flanking the Turboflex Agitator pick up dirt right to the carpet-cleaning unit.

    Light, Responsive and Maneuverable:
    Engineers have designed the TurboCat for cleaning efficiency and easy handling. Its low, low profile and classy aerodynamically shaped body glides, responds and maneuvers under, over and around the entire house. It weights only 4.3 pounds!

    Cogged Belt Reduces Slippage:
    The turbine energy is channeled to the high velocity Turboflex Agitator through a cogged drive belt. This specially designed cogged belt reduces slippage for more consistent performance, and outlives conventional flat belts used on electrics. This also reduces the inconvenience of replacement as our cogged belt lasts considerably longer.

  • Central Vacuum Zippered Hose Sock Cover - 35' long - 371PZ

    35' Hose Sock manufactured by VacSoc - This sock will protect your base boards and furniture. This is a nice quality quilted/zippered sock approximately 35' long. Covers the central vacuum hose and protects it as well as your walls and furniture.

    Fits over hoses 35' long.

    * Machine Washable
    * Easy to Install & Uninstall
    * 2-Year Warranty
    * Fully Padded

  • 19" Wand - Metal

    Metal wand - friction fit attachment. Will work with most standard attachment systems.

    19 inches in length.