Carpet Rake for Shag Carpeting - 402P


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OEM Part #D300, 402P

If you have been looking for a carpet tool for thick shag carpets that will not only groom the carpet but also have the ability to suck all that dirt
that gets embedded in the shag rugs, then this is it!

If you have been looking for a solution to using a vacuum on your shag without destroying the carpet or burning through you vacuum cleaner belts, then this is it!

This is a standard attachment connection that will hook up to just about any central vacuum system as well as most standard 1 1/4" hoses or wand connectors with an outside measurement of 1 1/4". This means that it will hook up to just about any canister or upright with a hose and wand IF it uses an 1 1/4" wand.

This tool will fit most standard American Fit-All 1 1/4" attachment systems. It will not work with the European Systems (specifically Miele) without the use of this adapter.

Also, this will NOT fit Dyson vacuums.

Notice the tines for grooming. Notice the large throat opening for great dirt removal.

This is really a great rug tool with tines and will work on all shag carpets or thick oriental wool rugs.

This tool was very popular for many years and was called the Patriot Tool. When it was taken off the market, we searched until we found them again!

Limited supplies - so get one while you can!

ESSCO FA-5524, 99.1 047-865

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If you would rather have a carpet rake that actually functions like a normal yard style rake, then click here

Carpet Rake, OEM Part #402P

  • Miele Attachment Adapter - CNCC18

    Miele Attachment Adapter - CNCC18

    This is a 4" long attachment adapter to allow Miele vacuum cleaners to use standard American or USA 1 1/4" attachments (35mm).

    The attachments used on Shop-Vac, Eureka, many Electrolux models and some Hoover uprights plus various other USA brands will now be able to be used on your Miele vacuum canister hose or wands.

    NOTE: Sometimes we get these adapters in metal. but usually they are plastic.

    A.E. Carter Part #CNCC18

  • Carpet Rake with Pole - AB24

    Carpet Rake with Pole - AB24

    OEM Part #FA-5665, AB24.

    This carpet rake measures a full 18" wide and includes the handle - made by GRANDI GROOM.

    If you would rather have a rake that can hook up to your vacuum cleaner, then click here.

    ESSCO Part #FA-5665

    Please Note - Because of the unusual shipping dimensions, your being charged a much higher rate on shipping than the package actually weighs.

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