Hayden SuperVac Control Module - 876600369


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OEM Part #876600-369 (876600369), 81 8766369, 81876600369PKG, 87660090

This is the Hayden SuperVac circuit board motor control module.

This is the main control module for the Hayden central vacuum system. This has the relay, transformer, circuit breaker needed to control your Hayden central vacuum. This module sometimes can fail causing the unit to not turn on. Usually the indicator light on the front of the machine will not turn on.

As with all electromechanical devices, there is a need to monitor performance and do periodic maintenance. Hayden employs VacTrack™ to signal such intervals for the homeowner.

NOTE: This module will NOT work on the Hayden Premier Central vacuum. If you DO have the Premier model or Hayden 6000, then you need this module.

Here are a couple of wiring diagrams:
1 Ground Screw
2 Ground Screws

This module fits the Hayden SuperVac 3600.

NOTE: The delivered circuit board may very slightly from the image shown as well as your original board.

TT Part #HD33Q3
ESSCO Part #HA-87660090
AE Carter Part #PHM811804A

  • Hayden Central Vacuum Cartridge Filter - 8744-00MTMH

    Hayden Central Vacuum Cartridge Filter - 8744-00MTMH

    Hayden Central Vacuum Cartridge Filter.

    Hayden cartridge filter is 5.5 inches tall and 7 inches wide.
    Sold individually

    This is the non-washable version of the Hayden Built-In vacuum system filter.

    AE Carter Part #HM8744MTMH

  • Hayden Filter Retainer - 730HAYR

    Hayden Filter Retainer - 730HAYR

    OEM Part #HD4202

    This holds the filter cartridge in place in the Hayden Central vacuum systems.

    This Hayden filter retainer is designed for use on most Hayden SuperVac systems.
    Measures about 4 7/8" in diameter.

    AE Carter# PHM8748
    MD Part #730HAYR

  • Hayden SuperVac Premier Central Vacuum

    Hayden SuperVac Premier Central Vacuum

    The SuperVac™ Premier uses the largest vacuum motor designed to run on regular household current. This powerful unit has the strength to perform with optimal efficiency in any size home. The Premier also comes with the most advanced vacuum filter, the washable cartridge filter.

    • 10 Year Warranty
    • VacTrack™ included
    • SoftStart™ included
    • 568 Air watts
    • 103 C.F.M. airflow
    • 147" Waterlift
    • 18L dirt Capacity
    • Cyclonic and cartridge filtration
    • Washable filter included

    The Hayden Premier SuperVac power unit is the one of the more powerful 3-fan motor and "VACTRACK" Prompting Systemsout on the market.

    This unit is designed for homes up to 6000 sq. ft. in size.