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Hoover Upright Belt - Style 170 - 38528-035 - 2pk

Hoover Upright Belt - Style 170 - 38528-035 - 2pk

0.80 lbs
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OEM Part #38528-035, 40201-271, 11041084, Style 170 Drive Belt, HV Style 170

Used in addition to 38528-034 - This is the flat agitator belt.

Fits Hoover Windtunnel Self Propelled models. Hoover™ Windtunnel™ Self-Propelled (Bagless and Bagged) With Power Drive (V Style Belt).

Models U5780-900, U6425-900, U6445-900, U6446-900, U6449-900, U6451-900, U6455-900, U6625-900, U6630-900, U6655-900, U6660-900.

These belts are sold 2 belts per pack.

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  • Hoover Upright Belt - Style 200 - 38528-034

    OEM Part #38528-034, 40201200, 40201-200, Style 200, HD Style 200

    Genuine Hoover Windtunnel Agitator Power Drive (V-Belt) - 38528034
    Used in conjunction with Hoover 38528-035 Belts.

    Hoover Windtunnel Self Propelled With Power Drive (V Style Belt)

    Models U6425-900, U6445-900, U6446-900, U6449-900, U6451-900, U6455-900, U6625-900, U6630-900, U6655-900, U6660-900.

    These belts are sold individually.

  • Hoover Y Bags - 9Pk - 4010100Y

    (DVC) - 9pk (9 bags per package)

    Hoover Style Y Bags
    Micro-Lined bags Hoover Style Y uprights.

    DVC's New Allergen Performance disposable bags for the Hoover WindTunnel upright vacuum style Y bags. Superior filtration and construction made from interwoven synthetic fibers, not paper! Allergen performance bags capture up to 100% of dust, pet dander, mold, pollen and other particulate down to 1.0 microns in size. The synthetic filter media will not support the growth of mold, fungus or bacteria and improves vacuum performance by minimizing loss of suction as the bag fills.

    The 3-ply advanced fiber construction is much stronger than paper and will not tear during use. As simple to use as regular bags, the Style Y Allergen Performance fits all WindTunnel upright vacuums from Hoover including self-propelled models and is ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers.

    Fits Hoover WindTunnel - both self-propelled and standard use the Y style bag.

    Micro-Lined Bags capture microscopic particles, germs and bacteria as small as 0.1 microns.

    Hoover Models that use Y Bags: C1703, C1705, U5395, U5433, U5420, U5434, U5445, U5463, U5465, U5469, U5475, U6425, U6445, U6451, U6455.

    Sometimes substituted with Envirocare Type Y Bags.

  • Hoover Y & Z Filtrete HEPA Bags - 4010801Y

    OEM Part #4010801Y

    Hoover WindTunnel Upright HEPA type bags. Package of 2 bags.
    Genuine Hoover HEPA Filtration bags. Also fits upright cleaners using type Z bags.

    Genuine Hoover "Type Y" Filtrete™ HEPA Filtration Bags to keep your Hoover vacuum cleaner performing well. Filtration bags have three layers of Filtrete filter media. Filtrete™ is a trade mark and product by 3M. For Hoover upright cleaners, including the WindTunnel uprights, that use "Type Y" or "Type Z" bags. Product Code: 4010801Y

    As an alternative, you can use the standard Hoover Z Bags.

    A.E. Carter Part #PH4010801Y
    Blk #06.808

    Honeywell Part #H23273

  • Hoover Brush Roll - 91001201 - Windtunnel Self Propelled

    Hoover WindTunnel Brush roll.

    New part #91001201 as of 9/1/2006. Sometimes Hoover ships this new brush roll in an all white finish.
    Most of the time, the brush roll will not look like the ones shown. They will usually be larger in diameter and black in color.

    OEM Part #91001201 - Replaces 48414160, 48414069.
    Blk Part #10.196, 10.079

    This brush roll fits models U6401-9RM, U6423-900, U6425-900, U6425-920, U6425-950, U6429-900, U6430-900, U6431-900, U6432-900, U6433-900, U6434-900, U6435-900, U6436-900, U6437-900, U6439-900, U6441-900, U6441-940, U6445-900, U6445-906, U6445-920, U6446-900, U6449-900, U6450-900, U6451-900, U6451-960, U6455-900, U6455-960, U6458-900, U6459-900, U6460-900, U6470-900, U6470-910, U6471-900, U6473-900, U6474-900, U6476-900, U6607-900, U6616-900, U6617-900, U6617-960, U6625-900, U6626-900, U6630-900, U6630-960, U6632-900, U6655-900, U6660-900.

    NOTE: As of 12/01/09 These brush rolls are now larger (in diameter) and have yellow brush strips on them.
    Please click on smaller picture for a better view.

  • Hoover Idler Arm - 43241004

    WindTunnel Idler Arm.

    OEM Part #43241004.

    Hoover WindTunnel Idler Arm.
    This is the part that the powerdrive belt hooks unto.