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  • Hoover Convertible Motor - 43574140

    Hoover Convertible Motor - 43574140

    OEM Part #43574140, 43574191.

    This is a new, genuine motor to fit all Hoover Convertible upright vacuum cleaners.

    Please note: This is a special order item - allow 5-7 business days to ship.

    $119.95 save 17%
  • Hoover Cord Reel - Futura / Spectrum / Powermax - 41911012

    Hoover Cord Reel - Futura / Spectrum / Powermax - 41911012

    This cord winder fits all Hoover Spectrum, PowerMax, and Futura Canister vacuum cleaners.

    OEM Part #41911012

    $89.95 save 11%
  • Hoover Crevice Tool - 59157086

    Hoover Crevice Tool - 59157086

    OEM Part #59157086

    Hoover Elite Rewind Model U5507 Crevice Tool 59157086

    $9.95 save 10%
  • Hoover D Bags - 4010005D

    Hoover D Bags - 4010005D

    3pk Fits all Hoover Dial-a-Matic (Dialmatic) Uprights

    For use with all Hoover Dial-A-Matic upright vacuum cleaners. Includes 3 bags per pack. Standard Type D filtration.

    $5.95 save 17%
  • Hoover Dirt Cup Baffle - 517758001

    Hoover Dirt Cup Baffle - 517758001

    OEM Part #517758001.

    This is the dirt cup baffle for the Hoover Linx BH50010.

    $5.95 save 34%
  • Hoover Dual V SteamVac 6 Brush Block - 48437030

    Hoover Dual V SteamVac 6 Brush Block - 48437030

    OEM Part #48437030

    Hoover Dual V SteamVac 6 Brush Block.

    Fits Hoover SteamVac models F7410-900, F7424-900, F7425-900, F7426-900, F7427-900, F7430-900, F7431-900, F7431-950, F7440-980, F7441-980, F7443-940, F7452-900, F7458-900, F7462-900, and F7458-950.

    VacPro Part #64.111

    $54.95 save 15%
  • Hoover Dual V Vacuum Cleaner Recovery Tank Handle - 39457043

    Hoover Dual V Vacuum Cleaner Recovery Tank Handle - 39457043

    Hoover Dual V Vacuum Cleaner Dirty Water Tank Handle.

    This Hoover Dual V Vacuum Cleaner Dirty Water Tank Handle.

    This handle fits the Hoover F7205-900, F7205-910, F7205-960, F7205-970, F7210-900, F7220-900, F7221-900, F7225-900, F7226-900, F7410-900, F7425-900, F7426-900, F7427-900, F7430-900, F7431-900, F7440-900, F7440-980, F7441-900, F7441-980, F7443-940, F7452-900 and F7458-900 as well as all Dual V, V2, and All Terrain Steam Vacs.

    Old part numbers are 39457029, 39457036, 39457037 and 39457043, 39457044, 39457030, 39457068.

    $11.95 save 8%
  • Hoover Duros Canister Hose - 93001580

    Hoover Duros Canister Hose - 93001580

    OEM Part #93001580

    This hose fits the Hoover Duros S3590 canister vacuum cleaner.

    $89.95 save 11%
  • Hoover Duros Wand - 93001591

    Hoover Duros Wand - 93001591

    OEM Part #93001591

    Hoover Duros Canister Vacuum Cleaner Wand.

    Fits the Hoover Duros models S3590, S3590B, S3591 and S3592.

    $49.95 save 10%
  • Hoover Dusting Brush - 43414197

    Hoover Dusting Brush - 43414197

    OEM Part #:43414162, 43414174, 43414195, 43414197, 43414145

    This dusting brush fits the following Hoover models : 1010, 1020, 1022, 1030, 1060, 1070, 1076, 1330, 1340, 1348, 1348-002, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 564, 574, 584, 589, 593, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 701, 704, 704-01, 706, 707, 714, 719, 728, C1099, C1409-910, C1411-930, C1412-900, C1413-930, C1414-900, C1417-903, S1083, S1083-100, S1133, S1137, S1137-980, S1141, S1147, S1147-050, S1147-900, S1156, S5577, S5668, S5676, S5678, S5680, S5682, S5684, S5684-035, S5686, S5688, S5690, S5692, S5716, S6529, S6530, S6530-600, S6543, S6543-016, S6543-018, S6545, S6545-600, S6547, S6550, S6550-600, S6551-600, S6631, S6631-016, S6631-018, S6633, S6635, S6640, S6640-600, S6641, S6650, S6650-600, S6751, S6755, S6757, S6760, S6760-600, S8149, U1025, U3101, U3103, U3105, U3105-035, U3105-930, U3107, U3109, U3109-100, U3223-9, U3225, U3305, U3315-070, U3317, U3319-9, U3319-970, U3329, U3331, U3335, U3339, U3341-900, U3345-900, U3715-930, U3721-910, U3721-930, U3725-930, U3729-910, U3737-910, U3737-930, U3745-910, U3745-930, U4001, U4003, U4003-001, U4003-002, U4005, U4007, U4009, U4014-079, U4017, U4019, U4021, U4027, U4027-001, U4031, U4033, U4035, U4037, U4037-001, U4039, U4039-001, U4047, U4053, U4057, U4057-001, U4059, U4061, U4063, U4069, U4075, U4077, U4085, U4087, U4089, U4091, U4093, U4093-001, U4095, U4099, U4101, U4101-001, U4103, U4103-001, U4107, U4107-001, U4109, U4109-001, U4111, U4111-001, U4113, U4113-001, U4115, U4115-001, U4119, U4121, U4123, U4123-001, U4127, U4129, U4131, U4145, U4147-002, U4151, U4153, U4159, U4161-9, U4163, U4165, U4171, U4173, U4173-001, U4175, U4185, U4187, U4189, U4193, U4195, U4195-001, U4199, U4245, U4245-030, U4245-930, U4247-030, U4249-030, U5250, U4251-930, U4253-930, U4256-900, U4257-930, U4258-930, U4259-930, U4260-930, U4261-910, U4261-930, U4261-940, U4261-980, U4261-990, U4262-930, U4262-950, U4263-930, U4264-916, U4264-930, U4265-910, U4265-930, U4266-906, U4266-916, U4266-930, U4266-940, U4266-960, U4267-930, U4268-930, U4269-930, U4270-930, U4270-940, U4271-930, U4271-980, U4272-930, U4283-970, U4293-930, U4295-930, U4296-930, U4297-910, U4299-930, U4299-980, U4301-9, U4303, U4305, U4307, U4309, U4311, U4313, U4315, U4317, U4319-9, U4321, U4325, U4327, U4329, U4331-9, U4335, U4337, U4339, U4341, U4343, U4345-9, U4349, U4349-1, U4353, U4355, U4357-9, U4359, U4361, U4361-030, U4363, U4363-042, U4363-045, U4365, U4365-048, U4367, U4369, U4371 , U4371-042, U4371-045, U4373, U4373-9, U4373-048, U4375-9, U4377-9, U4377-935, U4379, U4381-9, U4381-930, U4383, U4385, U4387, U4389-9, U4391, U4393, U4393-048, U4395, U4397, U4399-9, U4401-9, U4401-948, U4403, U4403-042, U4403-048, U4405, U4407, U4409-9, U4411-9, U4411-948, U4413, U4413-042, U4413-045, U4417, U4421, U4423, U4425, U4443, U4445-9, U4447, U4449, U4449-048, U4453-9, U4455, U4459, U4459-940, U4461-9, U4463-9, U4467, U4467-960, U4467-970, U4467-980, U4483, U4493-021, U4495, U4497-9, U4501, U4501-9, U4503-9, U4505, U4513, U4515, U4517, U4519, U4521, U4521-930, U4523, U4525, U4531, U4535-930, U4537-910, U4537-930, U4539-900, U4545-900, U4551-910, U4551-920, U4557-910, U4563-910, U4567-910, U4567-920, U4567-930, U4569-910, U4581-910, U4585-910, U4595, U4597, U4609, U4617-910, U4617-920, U4617-930, U4639-930, U4639-980, U4641-910, U4641-920, U4641-930, U4645-930, U4649-910, U4655-916, U4655-930, U4657, U4671-910, U4671-920, U4675-930, U4681, U4681-910, U4689-910, U4697-910, U4701-970, U4709-910, U4713-910, U4715-930, U4717-930, U4719-900, U4721-900, U4725, U4727-900, U4729-900, U4731-910, U5035-930, U5041-980, U5043-910, U5046-930, U5051-930, U5053-910, U5053-930, U5055-930, U5057-930, U5059-930, U5061-900, U5062-900, U5063-930, U5064-930, U5064-940, U5065-930, U5066-930, U5067-930, U5067-980, U5068-900, U5070-930, U5071-916, U5071-930, U5072-930, U5073-930, U5074-900, U5075-930, U5076-930, U5077-930, U5079-910, U5081-930, U5089-910, U5089-930, U5092-940, U5093-900, U5094-930, U5095-920, U5095-930, U5095-940, U5095-980, U5096-930, U5097-930, U5098-930, U5099-910, U5099-930, U5101-930, U5103-930, U5105-930, U5109-910, U5109-920, U5109-930, U5201-930, U5219-930, U5220-930, U5222-930, U5231-930, U5233-930, U5233-980, U5235-930, U5237-930, U6311-930, U6317-930, U6318-930, U6319-930, U6321-930, U6323-930, U6329-930, U6331-930, U6335-930.

    $9.95 save 10%
  • Hoover Elite (Rewind) Brush Roll - 93002124

    Hoover Elite (Rewind) Brush Roll - 93002124

    Hoover AGITATOR Brush Roll Elite Rewind U5507 93002124

    This brush roll fits the Hoover U5507-900 (5507900), U5509-900, U5507-950, U5509-900, U5509-950, U5511-900, U5512-900, UH40070, UH40150HD

    Elite Rewind Model Series
    Elite Rewind Deluxe Series

    Original Part #59157074

    VacPro Part #10.550

    $29.95 save 17%
  • Hoover Elite / Legacy Front Wheel Carriage - 43248059

    Hoover Elite / Legacy Front Wheel Carriage - 43248059

    OEM Part #43248073, 43248059

    Hoover Wheel Assembly for Elite and Legacy Upright Vacuum Cleaners.

    Old Part # - 36432023, 36432053, 36432054, 36432055, 38452089, 38521023, 43248054

    VacPro Part#879+

    $10.95 save 9%