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Rainbow D3C Water Pan Latch - R6178


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Rainbow D3C Water Pan Latch - R6178

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OEM Part #R6178, R-2622

This is the latch that holds the motor assemble, water tank to the base-caddy assembly.

This part fits the Rainbow D3C, Rainbow D4C, Rainbow D4C, and Rainbow SE.

  • Rainbow 2.5 quart Water Pan - R10236

    OEM Part #R10236, R-7876.

    This is the 2 1/2 quart water pan for the Rainbow canister vacuum cleaners.
    It fits the Rainbow E, Rainbow E-1(E1), and the Rainbow E-2(E2).

  • Rainbow D3C 2 Quart Pan - R6854

    OEM Part #R6854, R-2809

    This is the 2 quart water pan for the Rainbow D3C and Rainbow D4C and Rainbow D4CSE.

  • Panasonic UB Upright Belt - MC-210B

    Style "UB "

    Fits Panasonic Models MC5111, 5116, 5121, 5131, 5150, 5155, 5250, 5255, 5120, 5220, 5230, 6815, 6855, 5995, 6915, 6955, 5510.

    OEM Part #MC-210B, MCV270B

    Sold 2 Belts to a package.

  • Central Vac International CVS-16

    Single motor power unit by CentralVac International. Perfect for medium area installations (up to 5000 square feet).

    Features one, three-stage external motor.

    The external motor provides the best possible cooling, substantially increasing the life of the motor. The large capacity canister is made from high quality styrene plastic and will not rust. The system uses a combination of disposable paper and reusable cloth bag filtration.

    This unit comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, a 7-year limited warranty and a lifetime limited warranty. See warranty card for specific details.

    120 volt, 12.8 amps, 135" IWL, 92 CFM

  • Dirt Devil F13 Filter - 3-LK0540-001

    OEM Part #3-LK0540-001 (RY2LK0540000, 2LK0540000)

    Dirt Devil F13 vacuum cleaner filter. Filter for use with Reaction Dual Cyclonic models 110000, 110000HD, 110005.

  • Singer Foot Pedal & Cord - 319003-003

    OEM Part #317353-001, 319003-003

    Replaces the older Singer Part #988216-001

    Foot Control with Cord # 141000950, 4C316B, 988216-001, cord #772, 60652, 369263003, 317353-001, 4C-335B

    Uses cord #YUK3S.

    This Pedal fits the follow sewing machines and overlock / serger machines:
    Babylock 4350D, Babylock BL 7-714, Babylock BL1000, Babylock BL1220, Babylock BL1400, Babylock BL1506, Babylock BL1750, Babylock BL2000, Babylock BL202, Babylock BL2300, Babylock BL2500, Babylock BL2800, Babylock BL3-402, Babylock BL3-426, Babylock BL3-726, Babylock BL3000, Babylock BL302, Babylock BL3200, Babylock BL4-428, Babylock BL4-428NS, Babylock BL4-436, Babylock BL4-625, Babylock BL4-714, Babylock BL400, Babylock BL4000, Babylock BL402, Babylock BL500, Babylock BL5020, Babylock BL5180, Babylock BL5180(NS), Babylock BL5180-NS, Babylock BL5370ED, Babylock BL7-714

    Bernette 440, Bernette 705, Bernette 705A, Bernette 715, Bernina 330, Bernina 330

    Brother NS40

    Dressmaker 6700

    Elna 110, Elna 120, Elna 130, Elna 140, Elna 149, Elna 150, Elna 200, Elna 220, Elna 225, Elna 2251, Elna 225l, Elna 230, Elna 240, Elna 244, Elna 244I, Elna 244l, Elna 245, Elna 245I, Elna 245l, Elna 250, Elna 255, Elna 255IT34D, Elna 255l, Elntia T-33, Elntia T-34, Elntia T-34D

    Euro-Pro 1260DX, Euro-Pro 375, Euro-Pro 415, Euro-Pro 420, Euro-Pro 440DX, Euro-Pro 50-375, Euro-Pro 50-375, Euro-Pro 605D, Euro-Pro 6130, Euro-Pro 7545, Euro-Pro EP 380, Euro-Pro EP 550

    Jaguar J413, Jaguar J415

    JC Penney 9240LCD, JC Penney 9240LCD

    Montgomery Ward 1947

    Necchi 4575, Necchi 4575, Necchi 4595 Royal, Necchi 534 Italy, Necchi 534 Julia, Necchi 534FB, Necchi 535FA, Necchi 537L, Necchi 575FA, Necchi Alco

    Nelco 4102F

    Pfaff 756 Serger

    Riccar 2800, Riccar 2900, Riccar 2950, Riccar 3300, Riccar 3400, Riccar 3500, Riccar 3600, Riccar 4001, Riccar 4003, Riccar 414, Riccar 469FA, Riccar 515, Riccar 525, Riccar 564DE, Riccar 650, Riccar 750, Riccar 8400, Riccar 8500, Riccar FA693, Riccar R1500, Riccar R1570, Riccar R1570-FB, Riccar R1570FB, Riccar R1800, Riccar R1850, Riccar R250, Riccar R650, Riccar R750, Riccar R7620, Riccar R916, Riccar RiccarlockRL613-E, Riccar RL624-E, Riccar RL624E, Riccar RL634DE, Riccar RL634E, Riccar RL724E, Riccar RL739DE, Riccar RL749L, Riccar RM570, Riccarlock 564DE, Riccarlock RL613, Riccarlock RL624, Riccarlock RL634E, Riccarlock RL724E, Riccarlock RL739DE, Riccarlock RL749L

    Sergemate 300, Sergemate 430, Sergemate 432, Sergemate 4350D, Sergemate 5030 Companion, Sergemate 5040, Sergemate 5040L, Sergemate ST600L

    Simplicity SA1600, Simplicity SL1000, Simplicity SL1150, Simplicity SL1200, Simplicity SL1220, Simplicity SL1250, Simplicity SL1270, Simplicity SL1400, , Simplicity SL200, Simplicity SL350 Serger, Simplicity SL390, Simplicity SL4300, Simplicity SL4300 Serger, Simplicity SL4360ED, Simplicity SL4360ED Serger, Simplicity SL4380BH, Simplicity SL4380BH Serger, Simplicity SL4380ED, Simplicity SL4380ED Serger, , Simplicity SL4390ED, Simplicity SL4690L, Simplicity SL4690L Serger, Simplicity SL6220, Simplicity SL803, Simplicity SL803 Serger, Simplicity SL804, Simplicity SL804 Serger, Simplicity SL804D, Simplicity SL804D Serger, Simplicity SL843, Simplicity SL843 Serger, Simplicity SL880 Serger, Simplicity SL8800, Simplicity SL880W Simplicity SL898, Simplicity SW432 Serger, Simplicity SW432, Simplicity SL350 Serger

    Singer 1007, Singer 1090, Singer 1126, Singer 117 Featherweight IIĀ®, Singer 14U444, Singer 14U444B, Singer 14U454 Singer 14U454B, Singer 14U544, Singer 14U554, Singer 14U555, Singer 14U557, Singer 18524, Singer 30215, Singer 30218 Singer 30920, Singer 4552, Singer 4552 Merritt, Singer 4552SWN603, Singer 4562, Singer 4562n503, Singer 4562T, Singer 4572 Singer 4600, Singer 4622, Singer 4622 Merritt, Singer 4622n403, Singer 4622n503, Singer 5100 Series, Singer 5102, Singer 5107 Singer 5122, Singer 5123, Singer 5124, Singer 5127, Singer 5910, Singer 5932, Singer 5932 Merritt, Singer 6408, Singer 6408 Millennium, Singer 6412, Singer 6412 Millennium, Singer 6416, Singer 6416 Millennium, Singer 6423, Singer 6423 Millennium, Singer 7028, Singer 9005, Singer 9008, Singer 9010, Singer 9010 Merritt, Singer 9015, Singer 9015n503, Singer 9018, Singer 9018N503, Singer 9020, Singer 9022, Singer 9027, Singer 9027n503, Singer 9027n603, Singer 9030, Singer 9032, Singer 9032N, Singer 9032n503, Singer 9034, Singer 9044, Singer 9134, Singer 9200, Singer 9227, Singer 93220, Singer 93234, Singer 9324, Singer 9334, Singer 9408, Singer 9408n304, Singer 9420, Singer 9420sn603, Singer 9423, Singer 9432, Singer 9432sn603, Singer 9444, Singer 995D2, Singer 996D2, Singer Millennium Series, Singer PRO-4D, Singer Quantum Decor

    Viking 140, Viking 160, White 1810, White 1911, White 1911, White 2037, White 221, White 310, White 3900B, White 423R, White 447, White 505, White 505, White 5101, White 5103, White 710, White 734 Superlock, White 972

  • Simplicity Hose - 7 Series - A225-0231B

    OEM Part #A148, A225-0231B

    This is the flexible hose that attaches to the back of the Simplicity 7250, Simplicity 7350, Simplicity 7850.

    It is item number #52 in the picture.

    You might need to replace the Hose Cuff as well.

    You may also need the hose connector assembly at the top of the hose.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is a special order item. Please allow 5-7 BUSINESS days before we can ship this item to you.

  • White Overlock Cord - 30990W

    OEM Part #30990W

    Fits White overlock models 534D, and the TOYOTA 6600.

    If you need the complete cord and pedal, then click here.

    White 208, 503, 505, 710, 734, 834DW, 935, 955, 999, 1523, 1577, 1599, 1800, 1934D, 1955, 4040, 4075, 5500, 534D, 7234, 734D, 734DW, 7934, 7934DW, 2000ATS, 8000, 8600, 8800, Superlock 228 by Jaguar, SL243D, SL34

    Pfaff 4240, 4250, 4260.

    Toyota 6300, 6600 series
    Viking Huskylock 340-D, 341-D, 3400, Older models 901, 905, 910,

    New Home 5500, 8000, 8600, 8800

    Singer Overlock #14J334, Singer 132 quilters F/W, 1019, 1025, 1027 for these three models there was a transition period please be sure that the plug-in matches you machine plug-in, 140Q and others.

    1250308-834, 67910, E220504, KD-1902, 72917, YC-482E-1

    Also fits White 634D

  • Eureka ST Bag with Arm & Hammer (5 Bags) - 63213A

    63213A Sanitaire style "ST" Synthetic Disposable Dust Bags with Arm & Hammer inside.
    Single Pack of 5 bags.

    For use with Eureka Sanitaire Models SC678 and SC888J.

    The power of baking soda as dirty air passes through the bag, Arm & Hammer baking soda particles neutralize odor bearing chemicals. The result, clean, odor-free air is released into your home.

    NOTE: This bag also fits the Oreck 101H (Style OR-44) vacuum cleaner.
  • Rug Doctor Stain and Spot Remover - 24oz

    Rug Doctor Spot/Stain Remover.

    Rug Doctor's formula safely removes coffee, tea, chocolate, makeup, juice, oil, permanent marker, grass stains and more.

    Used as a pre-treatment (obviously check for color-fastness first) or on its own,

    Rug Doctor Spot/Stain remover will penetrate deep into the stain and lift it leaving your carpet and rugs like new.

    Rug Doctor Spot/Stain Remover is safe for humans and pets, so you can use it throughout your home with confidence.

  • Bissell Proheat Solution Tank Cap Kit - 203-6677

    OEM Part #203-6677

    This is the cap, plunger, and tube for the solution tank for the Bissell 9400 series Steam Vac.