Air Fresheners

We sell Carpet & Vacuum Fragrances that are easy on your nose as well as your wallet.


  • FeatherliteĀ® Air Freshener - Wisteria

    FeatherliteĀ® Air Freshener - Wisteria

    7 Oz.

    Feather Lite carpet and room freshener leaves your carpets and rooms with a long lasting clean fresh scent. Just sprinkle Feather Lite on dry carpet or rug by shaking container gently from side to side. It is not necessary to cover the entire carpet. For extra freshness use each time you vacuum. This new package will hold up in shipping and will display far better than the original. It also holds 7 oz of product which is almost twice as much as before.

    Please do not place package on vinyl, leather, wood, painted or waxed surfaces. Keep safely away from children.

    $9.99 save 30%