Airway Sanitzer vacuum cleaners


  • Airway Sanitizer Bags - 12 Bags

    Airway Sanitizer Bags - 12 Bags

    Airway Sanitizer Vacuum Bags - This is a package of 12 bags.

    Also known as Airway Sanitizer Type S or X Vacuum Cleaner Bags.

    Generic for Model 66, 77, 88, Green Goddess, Blue Wonder, Vitamix Canister Series [6" Diam x 11" Tall - 1-1/2" Diam Hole].

    It will fit nearly all Airway canister models including A-144, 66, 77, 88, Sani-Clean, Centurion, Blue Wonder, Sanitizer mark vs. Green Goddess, VitaVac, and Tom Gasko 80th Anniversary Signature Series.

    Also known as Airway Sanitizor Type S or X Canister Vacuum Bags.

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