Central Vacuum Attachments

Central Vacuum Attachments Attachments & Attachments Systems for central vacuum or builtin, in house vacuum cleaning systems.


  • Wire Hose Hanger - 408W

    Wire Hose Hanger - 408W

    Wall mounted, holds the hose and cloth tool caddy for your central vacuum attachment kit.
    $5.95 save 8%
  • 18" Wand - Plastic - 406P

    18" Wand - Plastic - 406P

    Plastic wand - 18" long - Will work with most attachments systems on the market except Hoover.

    This is a standard 1 1/4" extension attachment wand for built-in central vacuum attachment systems.

    PLEASE NOTE: These wands are usually gray in color, but sometimes we can only get them in black.
    $8.95 save 11%
  • 19" Extension Wand 1 1/4" - Metal - 406

    19" Extension Wand 1 1/4" - Metal - 406

    Standard 1 1/4" fit-all metal extension attachment wand - friction fit attachment. Will work with most standard attachment systems and built-in central vacuum system attachment sets.

    19 inches in length.

    $9.95 save 10%
  • Telescopic Full-Length Ratchet Wand - 406T

    Telescopic Full-Length Ratchet Wand - 406T

    OEM Part #406T.

    Great addition to any air-driven or non-electric power brush system. Friction locking, no button locks.

    Telescopes from 20" all the way to 38" in length and is the industry standard 1 1/4 inch connection width at either end of the wand.

    $24.95 save 4%
  • Carpet Rake for Shag Carpeting - 402P

    Carpet Rake for Shag Carpeting - 402P

    OEM Part #D300, 402P

    If you have been looking for a carpet tool for thick shag carpets that will not only groom the carpet but also have the ability to suck all that dirt
    that gets embedded in the shag rugs, then this is it!

    If you have been looking for a solution to using a vacuum on your shag without destroying the carpet or burning through you vacuum cleaner belts, then this is it!

    This is a standard attachment connection that will hook up to just about any central vacuum system as well as most standard 1 1/4" hoses or wand connectors with an outside measurement of 1 1/4". This means that it will hook up to just about any canister or upright with a hose and wand IF it uses an 1 1/4" wand.

    This tool will fit most standard American Fit-All 1 1/4" attachment systems. It will not work with the European Systems (specifically Miele) without the use of this adapter.

    Also, this will NOT fit Dyson vacuums.

    Notice the tines for grooming. Notice the large throat opening for great dirt removal.

    This is really a great rug tool with tines and will work on all shag carpets or thick oriental wool rugs.

    This tool was very popular for many years and was called the Patriot Tool. When it was taken off the market, we searched until we found them again!

    Limited supplies - so get one while you can!

    ESSCO FA-5524, 99.1 047-865

    Click on the pictures for larger images.

    If you would rather have a carpet rake that actually functions like a normal yard style rake, then click here

    Carpet Rake, OEM Part #402P

    $54.95 save 13%
  • Central Vacuum Attachment Tool Caddy - Mesh - 407M

    Central Vacuum Attachment Tool Caddy - Mesh - 407M

    Hangs on the PVC or wire hose hanger and conveniently holds all the small attachments.

    This tool caddy is sometimes cloth, vinyl, or mesh material. We are not given a choice on which version they ship out.

    $12.95 save 54%
  • CentraMop Attachment - 402CM

    CentraMop Attachment - 402CM

    CentraMop Attachment - Fits all central vacuum systems - 402CM

    If you were looking for a way to both damp-mop your hard floors and vacuum at the same time this tool is what you need!

    The CentraMop Combines both central vacuum suction and 'Swiffer' type mopping

    This attachment washes and vacuums the floor simultaneously. The vacuum captures lose debris as the damp mop picks up tougher to remove dirt and grime.

    Cleans in both forward and reverse directions. CentraMop's unique front and rear vacuum channels pick-up debris whether pushing or pulling.

    'Swiffer' type Cleaning Pads. Easy to install and remove, the CentraMop incorporates the use of regular store bought cleaning pads, but we highly sugges the Clorox ReadyMop, it fits best.

    MicroFiber Cleaning Pad: The easy-to-wet, install, and remove cloth saves money over single-use disposable pads and does not streak on wood and laminate floors. The CentraMop avoids pushing dirty water into the tile grout and is specifically designed to work with all wood floor cleaners.

    Universal Fit.
    The CentraMop Fits all vacuum cleaner hoses for central vacuums and canisters.
    Dimensions: 12" x 5".

    Link to owner's manual

    $49.95 save 22%