Bulk Filter Material - Cut to Fit

Bulk Filter Material - Cut to Fit We sell bulk filter material and can cut it to fit your custom application.


  • Bulk Filter Material

    Bulk Filter Material

    This is bulk filter material made to replace electrostatic filters.

    NOTE: This filter material is no longer available as a tri-color material. Typically it will be a solid green or white in color.

    This is bulk filter material commonly used for protecting the input side of a vacuum cleaner motor (usually located behind or under the paper bags).

    This material is sold by the inch and is roughly 1/4" thick.

    When you get to the last checkout page, there is a Customer Notes section. Please enter the rough dimensions (example: 5 X 7).

    Of course for the above example, you would select 35 for the quantity in the Quantity Pull-Down Menu below.

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