Cirrus Bags

Cirrus Bags Cirrus vacuum cleaner bags.


  • Cirrus C-CR109 Bags - ZW03041-42

    Cirrus C-CR109 Bags - ZW03041-42

    OEM Part #ZW03041-42, C-14040

    These are the paper bags for the Cirrus C-CR109 & ZW0304 canister vacuum cleaner.

    They come 6 bags per pack.

    As an alternative, you can also use the Fuller Brush Canister Bags as a replacement bags.

    $19.95 save 25%
  • Cirrus Canister Vacuum Bags - C-14011

    Cirrus Canister Vacuum Bags - C-14011

    OEM Part #C-14011, 61D03VC439.

    These bags fit the Cirrus C-VC439 canister vacuum cleaner.
    $19.95 save 5%
  • Cirrus Vacuum Bags - C-14020

    Cirrus Vacuum Bags - C-14020

    OEM Part #C-14020, VC248

    This bag fits the Cirrus VC248 (VC-248)

    There are 6 bags in each pack.

    ESSCO Part #C-14020

    $9.95 save 20%