Tristar / Compact Filters

Tristar / Compact Filters Filters for all Tristar and Compact brand vacuum cleaners.


  • Compact & Tristar Dome Filter - 70023

    Compact & Tristar Dome Filter - 70023

    OEM Part #70023.

    This is the filter that fits over the motor and behind the bag inside the Compact and Tristar canister vacuum cleaners.

    This is usually described as a dome filter.

    $9.95 save 40%
  • Compact & Tristar HEPA Filter - 70031

    Compact & Tristar HEPA Filter - 70031

    This is a genuine Compact HEPA Filter, or Tristar HEPA Filter

    Also includes internal charcoal filter pad for odor absorption.

    This filter is mounted on the exterior of vacuum at the output side of the machine, where air blows out.

    TriStar Sub Micron Filter

    Genuine TriStar Sub Micron Filter System for the Ultra 1000 & 2000 Models

    VacPro Part #56.017

    $39.95 save 25%
  • Compact/Tristar Cloth Filter - 70201

    Compact/Tristar Cloth Filter - 70201

    OEM Part #70201

    Compact/Tristar Cloth Filter.

    Genuine Tristar Compact Vacuum Cloth Bag fits all Tristar & Compact vacuum cleaners.

    Paper Bag fits inside this cloth bag.

    $16.95 save 18%