Cyclo Vac Filters

Cyclo Vac Filters We sell cloth filters and filters for Cyclo Vac central vacuum built in vacuum systems.


  • ActiVac II Central Vacuum Exhaust HEPA Filter - 260AV2K

    ActiVac II Central Vacuum Exhaust HEPA Filter - 260AV2K

    OEM Part #260AV2K

    This filter will help eliminate central vacuum odors! It is excellent for purifying the exhaust air coming from your central vacuum system.

    This will help muffle noise and trap unhealthy particles.

    The ActiVac installs in just seconds on almost all central vacuum systems This filter has a HEPA filter cartridge, a Charcoal Membrane, and is metal-reinforced, meaning that it is fully sealed.

    The ActiVac sticks out 6 inches from the vacuum unit and is about 14 inches tall with the elbow attached to it.

    We suggest changing this filter yearly if you have a dusty exhaust.

    HEPA muffler

    We suggest also purchasing the 90 degree elbow if your exhaust tube sticks out the side of your machine.
    $59.95 save 17%
  • Cyclo Vac DL Series Filter Set - CV4202G

    Cyclo Vac DL Series Filter Set - CV4202G

    Anticlogging filter and CyclofiltreTM kit for Cyclo Vac vacuum cleaners.

    The anti-clogging filter is a pre-filter that catches fine dust particles and protects the CyclofiltreTM.

    The CyclofiltreTM, treated with Ultra-Fresh* to prevent the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria, captures micro particles and protects the motor.

    These two filters are machine washable and reusable. For E, DL and DLP series only. TTopPart

    $39.99 save 25%