Cyclo Vac

Cyclo Vac
Cyclo Vac central vacuum is synonym of high quality vacuum cleaners. With over 45 years of central vacuum research and development, Cyclo Vac continues to design, manufacture and market vacuum cleaner systems, which have alternately revolutionized the vacuum cleaner industry. Vacuum power, indoor air quality, quietness due to its unique design, efficiency and ease of use are but some of the many advantages to owning a Cyclo Vac central vacuum system. Our vacuum cleaners are manufactured with the highest quality components designed exclusively for Cyclo Vac. Cyclo Vac central vacuums are renowned throughout the world for their reliability, innovative technology and outstanding performance.


  • Cyclo Vac DL Series Filter Set - CV4202G

    Cyclo Vac DL Series Filter Set - CV4202G

    Anticlogging filter and CyclofiltreTM kit for Cyclo Vac vacuum cleaners.

    The anti-clogging filter is a pre-filter that catches fine dust particles and protects the CyclofiltreTM.

    The CyclofiltreTM, treated with Ultra-Fresh* to prevent the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria, captures micro particles and protects the motor.

    These two filters are machine washable and reusable. For E, DL and DLP series only. TTopPart

    $39.99 save 25%