Central Vacuum Electrical Parts

Central Vacuum Electrical Parts We sell all electrical parts for your central vacuum built in vacuum system.


  • Low Voltage Booster Box - 140LV

    Low Voltage Booster Box - 140LV

    OEM Part # 140LV.

    This is a 24v low-voltage booster relay device for extending the range of your central vacuum system.

    If you are having trouble getting your inlets to turn the machine on or the relay on the machine is chattering - you might need to use this voltage booster to boost the signal to your machine.

    Simply splice this booster into a vacuum's low voltage wiring system, plug it into 110 volts, and your 24 volt line will be boosted with plenty of voltage to make the trip.

    The two blue wires connect to your power unit low voltage and the red and yellow wire connect to the low voltage leads coming from the home.

    You can hang the box on your wall with a nail into a stud. Be sure to use wire nuts to get good connections as you join the wires together.

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  • NEMA 5-30 30 amp Receptacle (for S5 and SV 110 volt) - 267

    NEMA 5-30 30 amp Receptacle (for S5 and SV 110 volt) - 267

    OEM Part #NEMA 5-30

    This is for the Modern Day and Silent Master central vacuum units 110 volt and draw over 20 amps.

    This is the large 110 volt plug for the Modern Day Silent Master S5 central vacuum system.
    The plug is larger than 240 volt plugs and one prong looks like an "L". This socket fits into and can be used with a single gang box.

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  • Vacuum Motor Circuit Board Single Motor 18amp 120v - 235S18

    Vacuum Motor Circuit Board Single Motor 18amp 120v - 235S18

    OEM Part #235S18.

    This is the relay board for most 120v 18a central vacuums made by Modern Day, Silent Master, Central Vac International and some Electrolux central vacuum systems.

    Contains relay, transformer, mini breaker (one 18 amp), and two pairs of low voltage leads. Circuit board control module is 2" high from board to top of reset button. The reset button and low voltage stems are threaded and attach through openings in the vacuums exterior. External mounting nuts for these are included.

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