Electrolux vacuum cleaners.


  • Electrolux Style R Canister Bags

    Electrolux Style R Canister Bags

    For models made after 2001

    6 Electrolux vacuum bags + 1 Filter - Fits Electrolux Lux 9000, Guardian, C134B, Electrolux Epic 8000, and the Electrolux Renaissance vacuum cleaners. Generic bags - Style R (Style "R")

    EXR-1430, EXR-14305, 440671
    $14.95 save 40%
  • Electrolux Style U Upright Bags

    Electrolux Style U Upright Bags

    Newer style "U" 12pk

    Made to fit Discovery II, Discover III, Prolux, Epic, and all other Electrolux uprights made since 1986

    This bag also fits the ProTeam ProCare 15, ProTeam ProCare 15XP.

    This bag is also known as a 103483, EXR-1450.
    $16.95 save 18%
  • Electrolux Upright Motor - 6900-03

    Electrolux Upright Motor - 6900-03

    OEM Part #6900-03, EXR-6014, E-62078-, 162078-1, 6900-03, 47829, 117080-00.

    This motor will fit all Electrolux upright vacuum cleaners made after 1985 - excluding the models that have an output filter on the front of the vacuum cleaner.

    This motor will fit the following Electrolux models: 1717, 1770, U112A, U112B, U112C, 1719, U110A, U110B, U110P, U155D, U155C, U110Y, U147A, U147D, 2500, 2500SR, 3000, 3500, 3500SR, 3000SR, 4000, U140B, U140C, U156A, U147E, U147F, 1717C, 1747, U111A, U136B, U160A, U139A, U129A, U129C, U129N, U129P, U129Q, 1572.

    $99.95 save 10%
  • Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner PN1 Belt

    Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner PN1 Belt

    Geared Belt for Electrolux power nozzles with PN1 stamped on the bottom of power nozzle.
    $6.95 save 14%
  • Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner PN2, PN3 or PN4 Belt

    Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner PN2, PN3 or PN4 Belt

    Geared Belt for power nozzles with PN2, PN3 OR PN4 stamped on the bottom of power nozzle
    $6.95 save 14%
  • Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner PN5 - PN6 Belt

    Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner PN5 - PN6 Belt

    Electrolux vacuum cleaner geared belt fits Electrolux power nozzles PN5 or PN6 (PN-5, PN-6).

    This belt will also fit the Tristar/Compact EXL Series models.

    This belt measures about 3-1/4" in diameter and 5/16" wide.

    Fits Models: 7527-27UY1NV, 7527-11, 48959 Electrolux uprights and PN5, PN6 and PN7 power nozzles.

    Also fits all uprights made since 1986 including Electrolux Discovery II and Discovery III, Discovery Advantage, Genesis, Genesis LX and Genesis LXE, Epic 2500 and Epic 3500, Lux 3000, Lux 4000 and Lux 6000 upright vacuum cleaners.

    This belt will fit later editions of Electrolux Silverado that use Power Nozzle 5 (PN5), introduced in 1982, as well as the 60 year anniversary edition Electrolux Diamond Jubilee.

    Fits the Electrolux Hi-Tech 2100, Electrolux Diplomat and Diplomat LX, Lux 2000, Lux 5000 belt, Lux 5500 belt, Electrolux LE, Electrolux Ambassador, Ambassador Plus and Ambassador III, Electrolux Model 90, Marquise and Grand Marquise, Electrolux Legacy, Ultralux and Ultralux LX, Ultralux Classic, Epic 6000 and Epic 6500, Lux 7000, Electrolux Renaissance, Epic 8000, Electrolux Guardian and Guardian Encore and Lux 9000 canister vacuum cleaners.

    May also be marked with 26-3310-04 or 26-3315-02 or 7527-11 on the belt.

    $6.95 save 14%
  • Eureka Oxygen & Electrolux Wand - 39422

    Eureka Oxygen & Electrolux Wand - 39422

    OEM Part #39422A-1, 39422A-2, 39422-3, 39422B-1

    This electric wand fits the Electrolux EL6988, EL6989, REL6989, REL6989A, EL6989A, 6989A.

    Also fits the Eureka Oxygen 6982A, 6982D, 6983, 6984 models.

    There may be other models not listed.

    Sometimes these wands are now gray, black or charcoal in coloring. We are not given a choice in this.

    VacPro Part #26.123, TT#EU7010.


    This wand measures about 17.5 Inches Long.

    39422C-1, 39422C-3, 39422B-1, 39422A-1, 39422-1

    $24.95 save 8%