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  • Eureka Sanitaire Furniture Guard - 27564-1

    Eureka Sanitaire Furniture Guard - 27564-1

    Furniture bumper guard 24564-2 for 12" Models SC886

    $19.95 save 25%
  • Eureka Sanitaire Switch - 36409-13

    Eureka Sanitaire Switch - 36409-13

    OEM Part #36409-13.

    This is the on / off switch for the most common Eureka Sanitaire and Eureka 1400 & 2000 series vacuum cleaners.

    Eureka & Sanitaire SC886, SC887A, SC888, S654, S661, SC899D, SC899E-1 and MANY others.

    This switch is also used with the Filter Queen canister vacuum cleaners.

    Alternative part numbers: CO-70042, FA-3400, FQ-31302, O-010-8823, RO-413302
    $9.95 save 20%
  • Eureka Switch - 13738-5

    Eureka Switch - 13738-5

    Eureka Switch

    Eureka Plastic Push Switch - Part #13738-5 same as 54151-3.

    This switch fits the Eureka 647, 2094, S647, C20941442D, 1443B, 1485B, 1485D, 1934AGS, 2034B, 2039AT, 2059A, 2101B, 2105B, 2118B, 2122A, 2122B, 2134A, 3320E, 3322B, 4038B, 5134A

    C2032A, C2094B, C2094D, C2094E, C2094F, C2094FB, C2094G, C2094G-1, C2094G-2, C2094G-3, C2094GW C2094H, C2094H-1, C2132A, C2132B, C2132B-1, C2132B-2, C2132B-3, C2133A, C4046F, C4046F-1, C4047A

    S634A, S634A-1, S634A-2, S634B, S634D, S634D-1, S639A, S647A, S647B, S647B-1, S647D, S647E, S647E-1, S649A, SC678A-1, SC679J-1, SC679J-2, SC679J-3, SC679JGS, SC679JGS-1, SC688A, SC688A-1, SC689A, SC689A-1, SC689A-2 & SC689A-3.

    Eureka Sanitaire switch

    $9.95 save 20%
  • Eureka Switch - 76464

    Eureka Switch - 76464

    OEM Part #76464, 76621-1.

    This switch fits the following Eureka vacuum cleaners:8853AVZ-2, 2940BVE, 2961BVZE, 2975BVZE, 2976AVZ, 2981BVZE, 2981DVZE, 2996DVZE, 2997BE, 2999AVZE, 2999DVZ-1, 3276AVZ, 3277AVZ, 2950AV,2950AV, 2961AVZ, 2961AVZ, 2961BV, 2961TUR, 2991AVZ, 2993AV, 2996AVZ, 2996BVZ, 2996DVZ, 2997AZ, 2997BVZ, 2997BVZ-1, 2998AZ, 2998BZ, 2999AVZ, 2999BV , 2999DVZ, 8851AVZ, 8851AVZ-1, 8851AVZ-2 , 8852AVZ , 8852AVZ-1 , 8852AVZ-2 , 8852BVZ , 8852BVZ-1 , 8852DVZ , 8852DVZ-1, 8853AVZ , 8853AVZ-1, AU2955DZ, UK2950A, UK2950B, UK2951AZ, UK2952A, UK2954A , UK2955AZ , UK2955BZ , UK2955DZ, UK2956AZ , UK2957AZ , UK2957BZ , UK2958AZ , UK2958BZ , Z2958BZ.

    This switch is also used by Bissell and fits the Bissell Lift-Off Bagless Models 3750 Series, 6595, 6801, Lift-Off Revolution Bagless Models 3760, 4220, 6850, 6860.

    The Bissell part number is 203-1268, or 210-7201.

    VacPro Part #25.999
    $9.95 save 10%
  • Eureka Switch - Mighty Mite - 28304A-2

    Eureka Switch - Mighty Mite - 28304A-2

    OEM Part #28304A-2.

    This switch is for the Eureka Sanitaire Mighty Mite On/Off Push button Switch.

    Eureka 3600 Series canister vacuums: Eureka 3681 and others.

    Fits Eureka 4331AA, 4333A, 4334AT, 4335FT, 4336ATH, 4336BTH, 4337ATH, 4337BTH, 4341AT, 4341ATV, 4377ATV, 4383AT, 4384AT, 4386AT, 4387AT, 4388AT, 4388BH, 4388BT, 4390A, 4393A, 4393B, 4458A, 4459AS, 4460ET, 4461AT, 4463AV, 4464AT, 4467AV, 4468A, 4469BT, 4476BT, 4478AT, 4483AT, 4483ATS, 4485BT, 4488AT, 4489AT, 4495A-1, 4496AV, 4497AH, 4498AS, 4499A, 4499B, 4640AV, 4641AVC, 4654AT, 4654BT, 4660AT, 4670AT, 4672ATV, 4674AT, 4675AT, 4680AT, 4684AT, 4684B, 4685AT, 4686ATV ,4687AT, 4688ATV, 4689ATV & 4696AV

    $11.95 save 33%
  • Eureka Upright Motor - 53349-4

    Eureka Upright Motor - 53349-4

    OEM Part #53349-4, 15943-1

    1 Speed 4.0 Amp Ball/Sleeve motor.

    Fits the Eureka 1400 series as well as the SC679J, SC689A models.

    $89.95 save 22%
  • Eureka Upright Motor Gasket - 30517

    Eureka Upright Motor Gasket - 30517

    OEM Part #30517.

    This is the gasket that fits between the motor and the motor housing for all Eureka Sanitaire vacuum cleaners including the following models:
    S663A, SC886D, SC888J, SC889, SC883A, SC881, SC881, SC899E, as well as ALL of the 1400 & 2000 series upright vacuum models.

    This gasket will also fit all the 1400 and 200 series models.
    $1.95 save 49%
  • Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Handle - 54267-2

    Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Handle - 54267-2

    OEM Part #54267-2

    This is the complete upper and lower plastic handle kit assembly for the following Eureka model numbers: 2034 thru 2134, 2010XRB, 2118B, 2122A, 2124A, 2132A, 2132B, 2134A, 1402A, 1432, 1400 Series.

    Eureka handle assembly and Eureka Sanitaire handle assembly.

    54267-2 21-6501-62

    $39.95 save 13%