Extension Wands

We sell wands and extension wands for every type of vacuum cleaner.


  • Upper Wand - Kenmore - T3001

    Upper Wand - Kenmore - T3001

    This is the wand for the most common Kenmore, Panasonic, Simplicity 8100, and Hayden Central Vacuum systems on the market.

    Sometimes the plastic pieces on the wand are ivory in color - usually gray.

    AE Carter Part #HM4170U2, MD MFG Part #406H

    The wand measures 17 1/2-inches long.

    The top button hole starts 3/8 inch down from top of wand and the button nipple starts 1 5/16 inch up from the bottom of the wand.

    This wand also fits the Sears Kenmore PowerMate #4148753.

    $19.95 save 25%