Fast Vac

Fast Vac
The Super FastVac 500 makes cleaning quick and easy. So easy you may find yourself whistling while you work! Don’t confuse the Fastvac with other handheld vacuums. It is superior in every way. Although it weighs only 4 pounds, the 740 watt, 5.6 amp powerhouse motor provides the cleaning power of a full-size vacuum. You won’t be straining your back pulling around a heavy canister ever again. It’s so powerful you won’t need to bend down to pick up debris such as paperclips or coins before you vacuum. Plus – the FastVac can be used as a powerful blower also to blow dust out of screens, debris out of the window track or blow away the leaves on the patio! An attachment for every cleaning need – even your computer keyboard! The crushproof 5 ft hose and the 12 included attachments handle just about any cleaning problem: carpets & bare floors, furniture, blinds, draperies, car interiors, window and door screens, crevices and even cleaning under appliances. Besides the standard full-size attachments you would expect, he FastVac also includes and 8-pc set of Micro Cleaning Tools for your computer, keyboard and peripherals or any cleaning project where full size attachments are just too big to use. It’s easy on your allergies and your ears. The FastVac controls dust better than most full-sized vacuums with antibacterial treated micro-lined dust bags plus an activated charcoal exhaust filter. Despite its power, the FastVac is exceptionally quiet and vibration free. Equipped with two computer balance fans, the motor provides for a smooth quiet operation and long life.


  • Fastvac Cloth Bag - AA00551

    Fastvac Cloth Bag - AA00551

    OEM Part #AA00551.

    This cloth bag also fits the Simplicity Sport and Riccar SupraQuik.

    If you do not want to hassle with buying the paper bags for your Simplicity Sport, Fast Vac v500, or Riccar SupraQuick, then this is the answer you have been looking for!

    Please note that is a special order item. Allow an additional 3-5 days.

    Vac Pro Part #AA00551

    $14.95 save 13%