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  • Fuller Brush Power Maid Hand Vacuum - FB-PM

    Fuller Brush Power Maid Hand Vacuum - FB-PM

    Model FB-PM

    This is a great hand vacuum with a revolving brush. It is perfect for carpeted stairs, upholstery, etc.

    It comes with a 23' cord, built-in hose, and a shoulder strap for carrying the machine around. Since it is a bagless unit, no need to worry about purchasing bags!

    17" flexible hose (with upholstery brush) extends to approximately 50"

    Whether it's removing pet hair from upholstery, cleaning stairs or your car, the Power Maid is handy, easy to use and powerful enough to handle some of your most challenging vacuum tasks. It's a bagless hand vacuum with a power brush that removes dirt, dust and pet hair from places hard to reach with traditional vacuums. With a removable dust cup, washable HEPA filter, long hose and brush attachment, you'll find yourself fetching your Power Maid frequently! Features an opaque nozzle window that shows the brushroll action and a large, easy-to-empty dust bin.

    1 year warranty.

    $79.95 save 12%