Generic Foot Pedals

Generic Foot Pedals We sell foot pedal and foot controls for many brands of sewing machines that are no longer in business.


  • Bernette 300 Series Foot Control - C1019

    Bernette 300 Series Foot Control - C1019

    OEM Part # C1019, A6401-775-ZA0, A6401775ZA, 032770111.

    This foot control fits the Janome / New Home models S650, S750.

    Bernette Sergers MO134, MO234, MO334, MO334D, MO334DS, MO335, MO335D,.

    Juki 2000D.

    Will fit Bernette Serger Models: 334, 334D, 334DS, 335, 335D, 134D, 2000D, 334, 335, MO334, MO334D & MO334DS.

    Will fit Bernina Serger Models: 134, 2000D, 2500DCE, 334, 334D & 335.

    Will fit Janome Sewing Machine Models: S650 & S750.

    $69.95 save 14%
  • Generic Electronic Foot Pedal - Electric 2 Wire - 6092FC

    Generic Electronic Foot Pedal - Electric 2 Wire - 6092FC

    OEM Part #6092FC, 6092

    Sometimes listed as a 6098 pedal

    Foot Control, Electric 2 Wire

    * Sharp Looking Control
    * 4 x 6 inches
    * Wire lock device (No need strain relief)
    * Never heats up
    * Measures 5" X 3.5"
    * PC Board with protection fuse.

    Cord Not Included, Assembly Required

    This pedal is electronic rather than the old fashion Carbon-Pile type. This means that the pedal is smoother in motion and hence easier to control with your foot.

    This is the same pedal as the 6099FC except that it has two screws where the wires hook up instead of slip-on contacts. This is a good choice for hobby enthusiasts looking for a more robust pedal.

    Rated for applications requiring less than 2 amps of current draw.

    $29.95 save 17%
  • Generic Knee Pedal - 705

    Generic Knee Pedal - 705

    OEM Part #705.

    This is the generic knee control foot pedal without the cord.

    $19.95 save 25%
  • Generic Knee Pedal and Wiring Block - 705W

    Generic Knee Pedal and Wiring Block - 705W

    OEM Part #705W.

    This is the knee control AND wire block for most common sewing machines that have two wires (one for the light and one for the motor).

    If you want just the pedal by itself, click here.

    $24.95 save 20%
  • Sewing Machine Cord & Pedal - FC-YDK32A

    Sewing Machine Cord & Pedal - FC-YDK32A

    Foot Control with lead wire / cord

    395630-53, 2800820005, YDK32A, 280806008, 395054-91, 395055-95, 395527-61, 395630-53, 419115-001, 419451-001, 419451-003, 9734080800, 9734088800, 993-71/741, C10S2, YC482L, 419115-004, 419451-003, 369434-003, # 369434-013, # 001228409, # 10110-A, # 250834002, # 419115-004, # 419451-003 Cord 246, C10S2, YC482L, 5883

    Sewing machine cord # 726, # YDK32A

    Babylock BL101
    Babylock BL3-318
    Babylock BL3-406
    Babylock BL3-407
    Babylock BL3-408
    Babylock BL3-416
    Babylock BL3-417
    Babylock BL3-418
    Babylock BL3-437
    Babylock BL3-437D
    Babylock BL3500
    Babylock BL4-417
    Babylock BL4-428
    Babylock BL4-428D
    Babylock BL4-436
    Babylock BL4-436D
    Babylock BL4-436DF
    Babylock BL4-605
    Babylock BL4-728
    Babylock BL4-728D
    Babylock BL4-736
    Babylock BL4-736D
    Babylock BL4-738
    Babylock BL4-738(NS)
    Babylock BL4-738D
    Babylock BL4-828D
    Babylock BL415
    Babylock BL428K
    Babylock BL450
    Babylock BL5260
    Babylock BL5260D
    Babylock BL5280E
    Babylock BL5280E(NS)
    Babylock BL5280ED
    Babylock BL5360ED
    Babylock BL5380E
    Babylock BL5380ED
    Babylock BL5500
    Babylock BLE1
    Babylock BLE1 Eclipse
    Babylock BLE1AT
    Babylock BLE1DX
    Babylock BLE1LX
    Babylock BLE1SX
    Babylock BLSE200
    Babylock BLSE300
    Babylock DBL34-60
    Babylock EA605
    Bernette 204
    Bernette 234
    Bernette 234 Funlock
    Bernette MO203
    Bernette MO204
    Bernette MO234
    Bernina 1100D
    Bernina 203 Serger
    Bernina 234 Serger
    Blindhemmer BH600
    Blindhemmer BH600
    Blindhemmer BL-101
    Consew 94C
    Consew 94C
    Elna 100
    Elna 1000 Lotus
    Elna 101
    Elna 102
    Elna 103
    Elna 104
    Elna 110
    Elna 120
    Elna 130
    Elna 140
    Elna 1400
    Elna 150
    Elna 1500
    Elna 1600
    Elna 2007
    Elna 220
    Elna 225
    Elna 300
    Elna 300
    Elna 34
    Elna 410
    Elna 450
    Elna T33
    Elntia 120
    Euro-Pro 380A
    Euro-Pro 384
    Euro-Pro 385X
    Happylock 1867
    Juki 104
    Juki 134
    Juki MO103
    Juki MO103 Serger
    Juki MO134 Serger
    Juki MO623
    Juki MO644D
    Juki MO654DE
    Juki MO655
    Juki MO734DE
    Juki MO735
    Mammylock 303R
    Mammylock ML-303
    Mammylock ML-303 R
    Mammylock ML-4
    Mammylock ML303
    Mammylock ML4
    Mammylock ML414
    Montgomery Ward 1947
    Necchi 3010
    Necchi 304
    Necchi 3204FB
    Necchi 3537
    Necchi 3620
    Necchi 549
    Necchi NL3
    Necchi NL4
    Necchi PL 1-26
    Necchi Quilter 3620
    Necchi S3010 Serger
    Nelco NL3
    Nelco NL304
    Nelco NL4
    Nelco S928A Serger
    Pfaff 4772 Serger
    Pfaff 521
    Pfaff 541
    Pfaff 604
    Pfaff 721
    Pfaff 741
    Pfaff 774 Hobbylock Serger
    Pfaff 776 Serger
    Pfaff HL603A
    Pfaff Hobby-Lock 603A
    Pfaff Hobby-Lock 604
    Riccar 1900
    Riccar 1925
    Riccar 237
    Riccar 340
    Riccar 3403DR
    Riccar 343D
    Riccar 613
    Riccar 624
    Riccar 900
    Riccar 925
    Riccar BH600
    Riccar R1100
    Riccar R700
    Riccar RL330
    Riccar RL333
    Riccar RL340
    Riccar RL343
    Riccar RL343D
    Riccar RL343DR
    Riccar RL613
    Riccar RL624
    Riccar S02
    Riccar S10
    Riccar SW2145
    Simplicity S02
    Simplicity S10
    Simplicity SA1100
    Simplicity SA2200 Creative Spirit Plus
    Simplicity SL237
    Simplicity SL2507
    Simplicity SL500 Serger
    Simplicity SL600 Serger
    Simplicity SL660 Serger
    Simplicity SL850 Serger
    Simplicity SL880 Serger
    Simplicity SL880D Serger
    Simplicity SW2145
    Singer 10UJ13
    Singer 14CG744
    Singer 14CG754
    Singer 14SH644
    Singer 14SH654
    Singer 14SH744
    Singer 14SH754
    Singer 14U234
    Singer 14U234B
    Singer 14U244
    Singer 14U285
    Singer 14U285B
    Singer 14U286
    Singer 14U286B
    Singer 14U32
    Singer 14U34
    Singer 14U344
    Singer 14U344B
    Singer 14U354
    Singer 14U354B
    Singer 14U44
    Singer 14U46
    Singer 14U52
    Singer 14U52A
    Singer 14U53
    Singer 14U53A
    Singer 14U544
    Singer 14U554
    Singer 14U555
    Singer 14U557
    Singer 14U64
    Singer 14U64A
    Singer 14U65
    Singer 14U85
    Singer BL-101
    Singer BL202
    Singer BL3-318
    Singer BL3-406
    Singer BL3-407
    Singer BL3-408
    Singer BL3-416
    Singer BL3-417
    Singer BL3-418
    Singer BL3-437
    Singer BL3-437D
    Singer BL302
    Singer BL4-428D
    Singer BL4-436DF
    Singer BL4-605
    Singer BL4-728
    Singer BL4-728D
    Singer BL4-736
    Singer BL4-736D
    Singer BL4-738
    Singer BL4-738(NS)
    Singer BL4-738D
    Singer BL4-838D
    Singer BL415
    Singer BL428K
    Singer BL5260
    Singer BL5260D
    Singer BL5280E
    Singer BL5280ED
    Singer BL5360ED
    Singer BL5380ED
    Singer BL80
    Singer BL90
    Singer BLE1
    Singer BLE1-SX
    Singer BLE1AT
    Singer BLE1AT-W
    Singer BLE1DX
    Singer BLE1LX
    Singer BLE8
    Singer BLE8-W
    Singer BLEE1SX
    Singer BLSE200
    Singer BLSE300
    Singer DBL34-60
    Singer EA-605
    Supreme CM-500
    Viking 140
    Viking 170 v
    White 1077
    White 1099
    White 1405
    White 1409
    White 1410
    White 1411
    White 1415
    White 1418
    White 1422
    White 1455
    White 1470
    White 1477
    White 1505
    White 1510
    White 1515
    White 1525
    White 1666
    White 1717
    White 1776
    White 1777
    White 1787
    White 1805
    White 1810
    White 1855
    White 1866
    White 1888
    White 1899
    White 1919
    White 1927
    White 1955
    White 1957
    White 1975
    White 1977
    White 1999
    White 4040
    White 4042
    White 4075
    White 445
    White 999

    $49.95 save 20%
  • Foot Control, Carbon 2 Wire Black - 704NS

    Foot Control, Carbon 2 Wire Black - 704NS

    OEM Part #704NS

    2 Wire, Carbon
    Black Color
    The most common generic foot control.

    Sometimes these pedals are only available in white. If you must have white, please specify in the Customer Notes section upon checkout.

    $16.95 save 41%
  • Universal Foot Control Pedal - 704NS-W

    Universal Foot Control Pedal - 704NS-W

    All Metal Foot Control.

    Will replace any 2-wire control (One 2 wire lead goes into the foot pedal).

    This is probably the most common style foot pedal on the market.

    Sometimes only available in Black.

    OEM Part #704NS-W, 704NS.

    $10.95 save 9%
  • Generic Foot Pedal with Cord - FC-143

    Generic Foot Pedal with Cord - FC-143

    This kit will fit most all older sewing machines typically made in the Orient after WWII.

    Notice the picture shows the pedal, cord and a two-outlet "box". There is a cord coming from the "box" that is "hardwired" directly into the foot pedal. The other side of the "box" has a cord coming out that plugs into the wall - like any lamp etc.

    On the box there are two outlets. One is for the lamp (if you have one on your sewing machine), the other is for the motor of the sewing machine.

    One cord would be for the foot pedal and one cord would be for the light.

    OEM Part #FC-143

    $34.95 save 14%
  • 10 Foot Controls, Carbon 2 Wire Black (Quantity of 10) - 704NS

    10 Foot Controls, Carbon 2 Wire Black (Quantity of 10) - 704NS

    OEM Part #704NS

    2 Wire, Carbon, Black Color

    These are normally $9.95, but by purchasing 10 at a time you are saving $7.50!

    Also Note: This is a special order item. Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery.

    $99.50 save 8%