Hayden, acquired by Canplas in 2007, has a long history as a promoter of central vacuum systems in North America and around the world. Hayden offers a respected brand name built on a long standing reputation for quality and innovation. With a complete offering, featuring products like the SuperVac cyclonic system, SuperPack cleaning tools, SuperHose III and a full range of fittings and valves including the revolutionary dual voltage SuperValve, Hayden offers exceptional value to customers. Since becoming part of Canplas, the strategic focus of Hayden has shifted. Canplas, being an industry leading plastic injection molding company focusing on product innovation, has invested heavily in updating the Hayden line of products. We are committed to maintaining the Hayden brand. Hayden’s products will continue to offer superior quality and value. As part of Canplas, Hayden will support our mission to maintain our role as the world’s leading central vacuum valve and fittings supplier.


  • 1 14" Hand Turbo Brush for Stairs - Air Driven

    1 14" Hand Turbo Brush for Stairs - Air Driven

    This is a hand-held air-driven turbine brush that is great for stairs, upholstery, etc.

    This will most all Eureka, Kenmore (canister), and most all central vacuum systems

    Great for cleaning stairs, furniture, and cars. The 5.5-inch wide air driven non-electric beater brush is a must for every home. Also features clamp shell design to easily remove anything that gets jammed in it. Vacuum accessory for central vacuums, canisters, and uprights.

    The hose/ wand connector is the standard 1.25 " connector common in the U.S.

    The color and style may vary slightly from the picture shown here.

    Photo courtesy of Modern Day Mfg.

    $39.95 save 25%
  • ActiVac II Central Vacuum Exhaust HEPA Filter - 260AV2K

    ActiVac II Central Vacuum Exhaust HEPA Filter - 260AV2K

    OEM Part #260AV2K

    This filter will help eliminate central vacuum odors! It is excellent for purifying the exhaust air coming from your central vacuum system.

    This will help muffle noise and trap unhealthy particles.

    The ActiVac installs in just seconds on almost all central vacuum systems This filter has a HEPA filter cartridge, a Charcoal Membrane, and is metal-reinforced, meaning that it is fully sealed.

    The ActiVac sticks out 6 inches from the vacuum unit and is about 14 inches tall with the elbow attached to it.

    We suggest changing this filter yearly if you have a dusty exhaust.

    HEPA muffler

    We suggest also purchasing the 90 degree elbow if your exhaust tube sticks out the side of your machine.
    $59.95 save 17%
  • Central Vacuum Inlet Full Face - White - Low Voltage Only - 653HW

    Central Vacuum Inlet Full Face - White - Low Voltage Only - 653HW

    Genuine Hayden Inlet-White Full Face Door

    This inlet is the most standard type and is a low-voltage only style.

    When you cut your drywall, be sure to make the opening measurement no larger than 2 1/4" wide, by 4 1/4" tall.

    Outer Dimension: 3 1/2" by 5 3/16". VacuValve 5590, 5595.

    $12.95 save 12%
  • Central Vacuum Vac Pan, TOE KICK - White - 670PW

    Central Vacuum Vac Pan, TOE KICK - White - 670PW

    Plastiflex Vacpan - White

    Original Vacpan adds a new dimension of convenience to your central vacuum system by giving your broom the power of a central vac. Simply switching on the Vacpan sweep inlet activates your central vacuum. Brush dirt and debris toward the powerful suction and your floor is clean - instantly!

    VacPan installation should be done by a professional installer.
    Installation instruction are included.

    Be sure to have all the fittings, pipe, low voltage wire, and other things for installation.

    PDF Brochure
    Installation guide
    $54.95 save 28%
  • Cogged Power Nozzle Belt - 804193

    Cogged Power Nozzle Belt - 804193

    Canister - cogged/geared.

    Geared Belt (cogged) for Kenmore and Panasonic power nozzles.

    This belt also fits the Hayden power nozzles that use a cog type belt. These belts typically will last three to five years.

    This belt also fits many Panasonic, Kenmore (Sears), and Royal power nozzles which are made by Panasonic.
    These power nozzles are sometimes called "Whirlpool power nozzles" since they originally designed and manufactured them.

    Kenmore/Whirlpool part #20-5285 and replaces 46-3300-03.

    This belt will fit Kenmore Canisters models: 5041, 5045, 5055, 55057, 50558.
    Kenmore power nozzle CT14L, CT14, CT16, CT18DX
    Panasonic model canisters: MC-V9620, MC-V9635, MC-V9647** denotes 00 to 99.

    Hayden 804193, Vac Pro Part 9.260

  • Crevice Tool - Flexible - 36 Inches Long - CR32-680

    Crevice Tool - Flexible - 36 Inches Long - CR32-680

    OEM Part #CR32-680, FA-5440.

    This is a fit-all (1 1/4" connector for your hose or wand) crevice tool that measures 36" in length!

    This tool is ideal for cleaning out behind your refrigerator, dryer vents or lint collectors, air conditioners, dryer vents, stoves, ovens, air ducts & vents, washers, radiators, condenser coils, and auto detailing as the tool is flat and has a rectangular opening at the end of the tool.

    $24.95 save 20%
  • Curved Friction Fit Hose End - FA-4503

    Curved Friction Fit Hose End - FA-4503

    OEM Part #FA-4503, FA-38-54-1.

    This is the curved hose end commonly used on older style central vacuum hoses.

    The metal attachment end is the standard 1 1/4" friction-fit that is the most common format used in North America.

    It also features a built-in air bleeder valve.

    This will also fit a lot of the Simplicity, Riccar, and Panasonic straight suction hoses that are NOT permanently attached to the vacuum cleaner.
    $19.95 save 15%
  • Hayden Central Vacuum Cartridge Filter - Washable

    Hayden Central Vacuum Cartridge Filter - Washable

    Hayden Central Vacuum Cartridge Filter.

    Hayden cartridge filter is 5.5 inches tall and 7 inches wide.
    Sold individually.

    This is the washable version of the Hayden Built-in Vacuum Filter.

    AE Carter HM8744WSH

    $79.95 save 13%
  • Hayden Power Nozzle Circuit Breaker - 48039

    Hayden Power Nozzle Circuit Breaker - 48039

    OEM Part #48039.

    This is the circuit breaker for the Hayden SuperPack and Cen-Tec CT-14 power brushes.

    This will also fit some Kenmore Canister power nozzles.

    $17.95 save 12%
  • Hayden SuperVac Central vacuum hose - HCVHOSE30

    Hayden SuperVac Central vacuum hose - HCVHOSE30

    This is a new Hayden SuperHose III Electric hose.

    Note: We have ONE of these hoses left in stock (10/18/2016). Once this hose is sold there will be no more of these hoses available.

    This is a dual-switching control for entire central vacuum system. This hose should is to be used in with Hayden's Super Pack Genuine Power Nozzle.

    This is a dual-voltage hose - low voltage to turn the system on and the 110v side to power your carpet nozzle.

    $299.95 save 20%
  • Hayden SuperVac Premier Central Vacuum

    Hayden SuperVac Premier Central Vacuum

    The SuperVac™ Premier uses the largest vacuum motor designed to run on regular household current. This powerful unit has the strength to perform with optimal efficiency in any size home. The Premier also comes with the most advanced vacuum filter, the washable cartridge filter.

    • 10 Year Warranty
    • VacTrack™ included
    • SoftStart™ included
    • 568 Air watts
    • 103 C.F.M. airflow
    • 147" Waterlift
    • 18L dirt Capacity
    • Cyclonic and cartridge filtration
    • Washable filter included

    The Hayden Premier SuperVac power unit is the one of the more powerful 3-fan motor and "VACTRACK" Prompting Systemsout on the market.

    This unit is designed for homes up to 6000 sq. ft. in size.
    $799.95 save 13%
  • Hayden TP210 Bumper - 7822

    Hayden TP210 Bumper - 7822

    OEM Part #7822 or 7222

    This is the rubber furniture guard for the TurboCat, TL2000, TP210, and T210.

    Item #14, on the exploded diagram.

    VacPro Part #68.018

    $8.95 save 22%