Hayden, acquired by Canplas in 2007, has a long history as a promoter of central vacuum systems in North America and around the world. Hayden offers a respected brand name built on a long standing reputation for quality and innovation. With a complete offering, featuring products like the SuperVac cyclonic system, SuperPack cleaning tools, SuperHose III and a full range of fittings and valves including the revolutionary dual voltage SuperValve, Hayden offers exceptional value to customers. Since becoming part of Canplas, the strategic focus of Hayden has shifted. Canplas, being an industry leading plastic injection molding company focusing on product innovation, has invested heavily in updating the Hayden line of products. We are committed to maintaining the Hayden brand. Hayden’s products will continue to offer superior quality and value. As part of Canplas, Hayden will support our mission to maintain our role as the world’s leading central vacuum valve and fittings supplier.


  • Hayden SuperVac Central vacuum hose - HCVHOSE30

    Hayden SuperVac Central vacuum hose - HCVHOSE30

    This is a new Hayden SuperHose III Electric hose.

    Note: We have ONE of these hoses left in stock (10/18/2016). Once this hose is sold there will be no more of these hoses available.

    This is a dual-switching control for entire central vacuum system. This hose should is to be used in with Hayden's Super Pack Genuine Power Nozzle.

    This is a dual-voltage hose - low voltage to turn the system on and the 110v side to power your carpet nozzle.

    $299.95 save 20%
  • Hayden SuperVac Control Module - 876600369

    Hayden SuperVac Control Module - 876600369

    OEM Part #876600-369 (876600369), 81 8766369, 81876600369PKG, 87660090

    This is the Hayden SuperVac circuit board motor control module.

    This is the main control module for the Hayden central vacuum system. This has the relay, transformer, circuit breaker needed to control your Hayden central vacuum. This module sometimes can fail causing the unit to not turn on. Usually the indicator light on the front of the machine will not turn on.

    As with all electromechanical devices, there is a need to monitor performance and do periodic maintenance. Hayden employs VacTrack™ to signal such intervals for the homeowner.

    NOTE: This module will NOT work on the Hayden Premier Central vacuum. If you DO have the Premier model or Hayden 6000, then you need this module.

    Here are a couple of wiring diagrams:
    1 Ground Screw
    2 Ground Screws

    This module fits the Hayden SuperVac 3600.

    NOTE: The delivered circuit board may very slightly from the image shown as well as your original board.

    TT Part #HD33Q3
    ESSCO Part #HA-87660090
    AE Carter Part #PHM811804A

    $129.95 save 8%
  • Hayden SuperVac Premier Central Vacuum

    Hayden SuperVac Premier Central Vacuum

    The SuperVac™ Premier uses the largest vacuum motor designed to run on regular household current. This powerful unit has the strength to perform with optimal efficiency in any size home. The Premier also comes with the most advanced vacuum filter, the washable cartridge filter.

    • 10 Year Warranty
    • VacTrack™ included
    • SoftStart™ included
    • 568 Air watts
    • 103 C.F.M. airflow
    • 147" Waterlift
    • 18L dirt Capacity
    • Cyclonic and cartridge filtration
    • Washable filter included

    The Hayden Premier SuperVac power unit is the one of the more powerful 3-fan motor and "VACTRACK" Prompting Systemsout on the market.

    This unit is designed for homes up to 6000 sq. ft. in size.
    $799.95 save 13%
  • Hayden TP210 Bumper - 7822

    Hayden TP210 Bumper - 7822

    OEM Part #7822 or 7222

    This is the rubber furniture guard for the TurboCat, TL2000, TP210, and T210.

    Item #14, on the exploded diagram.

    VacPro Part #68.018

    $8.95 save 22%
  • Hayden Wand - Electric - Telescopic - 406ATQ

    Hayden Wand - Electric - Telescopic - 406ATQ

    OEM Part #406ATQ.

    This wand is a replacement for the older two metal chrome wands that Hayden used to use.

    The telescopic capability makes it adjustable and easier to use.

    NOTICE: This wand will NOT fit hoses with "Hayden" embossed on the side of the hose handle but WILL FIT ALL Hayden SuperPack Vacuum Heads.
    $49.95 save 10%
  • Mini Vacuum Attachment Kit - 05.081

    Mini Vacuum Attachment Kit - 05.081

    Mini Vacuum Attachments

    Now it is possible to convert your full-size vacuum cleaner into a micro-vacuum cleaner with the revolutionary patented Micro Vacuum Attachment Kit. The eight-piece kit comes with an adapter that connects these tools any vacuum. Cleaning dust from sensitive electronic equipment such as computers and keyboards, VCRs, CD and DVD players can be done with ease. Sewing machines, sergers, dollhouses, figurines and even delicate collectibles can be thoroughly cleaned, even studio, guitar equipment, and your favorite keyboards...

    Note: This kit includes an adapter that will allow you to fit this tool kit most common vacuum cleaner brands.


    * Allows you to clean those places that were previously inaccessible with standard size vacuum cleaner attachments
    * Comes with universal vented adapter, connector, 36" flexible hose, oval brush, round brush, crevice tool, straight & curved extension wands
    * Anti-static plastic

    $19.95 save 25%
  • TT27 Air Driven Carpet Nozzle Power Brush

    TT27 Air Driven Carpet Nozzle Power Brush

    This basic 11-inch air-driven beater brush is a great brush for homes with minimal carpeting.
    A better grooming turbo brush would be the TurboCat or the newer Turbocat EX Air driven Carpet Power Nozzle.

    The TT27 works with any central vacuum system - or any vacuum cleaner that the wand or hose measures 1 1/4" outer diameter.
    In other words, the inside measurement where the wand or hose would plug into the tool is 1 1/4 inch inside diameter.

    Replaces the TK2 (which doesn't have the small vent as you see on the bottom left of this brush).
    The TT27 may come in black. Use extension wands with or without button locks, not included.

    $99.95 save 30%
  • TurboCat Brush Roll - 45517

    TurboCat Brush Roll - 45517

    Brush Roll for the TurboCat Air Driven Power nozzle.

    This brush roll fits the TurboCat, TL2000, TP210, and T210.

    $89.95 save 17%
  • Turbocat EX Air Driven Carpet Power Nozzle

    Turbocat EX Air Driven Carpet Power Nozzle

    Turbocat EX

    You'll love the sleek contemporary look and brilliant color of the new Turbocat EX by H-P Products. Remove embedded dust and dirt more effectively. Maneuver with ease under and around furniture. And enjoy the peace and quiet. There's never been a quieter, more powerful turbine powerhead than the Turbocat EX. Our exclusive Z-Tech Design delivers these benefits and more:

    * Exclusive Vac-N-Groom brush roller features dual bristles for more thorough cleaning.
    * Multi-port base plate and expanded air intake improve vacuum power and cleaning performance.
    * Soft Pro-Tech bumper protects furniture from damage.
    * Easy-glide front rollers improve maneuverability.
    * Run-silent bearing isolators and silent drive, non-slip belt ensure quieter operation.
    * Sleek low profile and 13' wide vacuum path provides edge-to-edge cleaning.

    NOTE: The only difference between the TurboCat Zoom and the TurboCat EX is in the brush pattern. If you have a high vacuum pressure central vacuum system, then we recommend the this unit. If your central vacuum system is not as powerful, then we recommend the TurboCat Zoom.

    A.E. Part# PHP8705

    $179.95 save 34%
  • TurboCat Neck Elbow - 45509

    TurboCat Neck Elbow - 45509

    OEM Part #45509

    Neck Elbow for TurboCat - Part MD#45509, #7216-02, item #9, on the exploded diagram for TurboCat, TL2000, TP210, and T210, etc.

    It does not include spring or spring plastic lever (numbers 45510, 45511).

    $22.36 save 11%
  • TurboCat TP210 Retainer Cap - 45511

    TurboCat TP210 Retainer Cap - 45511

    OEM Part #45511

    This fits the TurboCat, TL2000, TP210, and T210.

    $4.99 save 39%
  • TurboCat TP210 Rubber Bumper - 45514

    TurboCat TP210 Rubber Bumper - 45514

    This bumper fits The TurboCat, TL2000, TP210, and T210.

    Also known as a furniture guard.

    NOTE: THE BUMPER WE STOCK doesn't have a bottom lip. The one we sell has tabs that pop into the chassis.

    $8.95 save 11%