Hoover Belts

Hoover Belts Belts for all Hoover vacuum cleaners.


  • Hoover Belt - 440001576

    Hoover Belt - 440001576

    OEM Part #440001576

    Hoover Belt 440001576 for Multi Cyclonic SH40060.

    This is a geared belt with gui-tz 3M 177.6 printed on it. Hoover part #440001576

    $7.95 save 25%
  • Hoover Belt - 562535001

    Hoover Belt - 562535001

    OEM Part #562535001, H-562535001.

    This is the belt for the following Hoover Upright vacuum cleaner models: UH70400, UH70402, UH72400m UH72401, UH72409, UH70401, UH70403PC, UH70404PC, UH70405.

    It will sometimes have 3M-201-6.5 printed on the balt as well.

    $6.95 save 14%
  • Hoover Brush Vac Hand Vacuum Belts - 59139005

    Hoover Brush Vac Hand Vacuum Belts - 59139005

    This package (40201057) is a two pack of 59139005 belts.

    This flat belt fits all Brush-Vac hand vacuum models like S1083.

    Alternate part #40201057, 59139-005, B-59139-005.

    This belt also fits Bissell Models 3065 SDB5.

    $6.95 save 14%
  • Hoover Nano Belt - 562633001

    Hoover Nano Belt - 562633001

    OEM Part #562633001.

    This belt fits the Hoover Nano UH20020 vacuum cleaner.

    5.5" diameter cloth reinforced belt. It is similar to the 562289001 but is smaller in diameter.

    Sometimes has the numbers MS 12.8X424 printed on it.

    The belt measures 5 1/2" diameter and is 8 3/4" long when flattened.
    $8.95 save 22%
  • Hoover Platinum UH30010COM Vacuum Cleaner Belt - 562200001

    Hoover Platinum UH30010COM Vacuum Cleaner Belt - 562200001

    OEM Part #562200001

    This is the belt for the Hoover Platinum Brush Roller Lightweight Upright UH30010COM, UH30010COM

    $24.95 save 20%
  • Hoover Power Path Pro FLAT Belt - 440006155

    Hoover Power Path Pro FLAT Belt - 440006155

    OEM Part #440006155.

    This is the FLAT belt for the Hoover Power Path Pro, Power Path Pro XL, and Hoover Power Path Advanced Carpet cleaning machines.

    It fits the following model numbers: FH51100, FH51101, FH51102, FH51103PC, FH51104PC.

    $11.95 save 17%
  • Hoover Power Path Pro TIMING Belt - 440006154

    Hoover Power Path Pro TIMING Belt - 440006154

    OEM Part #440006154.

    This is the TIMING belt for the Hoover Power Path Pro, Power Path Pro XL, and Hoover Power Path Advanced Carpet cleaning machines.

    It fits the following model numbers: FH51100, FH51101, FH51102, FH51103PC, FH51104PC.

    $5.95 save 17%
  • Hoover S2220 Flair Belt - 59136167

    Hoover S2220 Flair Belt - 59136167

    OEM Part #59136167.

    This is the belt for the Hoover Flair S2220 Stick Vac (Electric Broom) Vacuum cleaner.

    The belts are sold individually.

    $5.95 save 34%
  • Hoover T Series Vacuum Belt Style 65 - 562289001

    Hoover T Series Vacuum Belt Style 65 - 562289001

    Hoover T Series vacuum belt 562289001, 1 for models UH30600, UH70105, UH70110, UH70120, UH70200, UH70205 and UH70210.

    UH70120 Windtunnel T series with On/Off Brushroll, UH70200 Windtunnel T Series Purely Clean, UH70205 Windtunnel T Series, Windtunnel Rewind Plus, UH70210, UH70215 Windtunnel T Series, Pet Rewind.

    NOTE: If your belt is NOT stretchable then this belt is the correct one.
    If your belt IS stretchable, then you need this belt instead.

    562289001 Hoover Windtunnel T Series BELT - CLOTH


    BELT, T SERIES WINDTUNNEL CLOTH UH70200/05 6" diameter
    Loose belt, not packaged/Cloth Reinforced Belt
    This is a rubber belt with nylon threads. It does not stretch!



    If your belt says "MS 12.8X457" (in white lettering) "056 1024 B" (red lettering) then this is the vacuum cleaner belt you need.

    Vac Pro - 09.995
    $6.95 save 14%
  • Hoover Twist & Vac Belt - 38528-032

    Hoover Twist & Vac Belt - 38528-032

    This belt fits: Hoover Twist & Vac Hand Vacuum Model # 1147, 1147-900, All Hoover Twist & Vac Hand Vacuum Cleaners as well as the Hoover Sidewinder Hand Vacuum.

    These belts are sold individually.

    This belt measures 7/16" wide, 1/16" thick, and has a circumference of 7.5".

    $3.99 save 50%
  • Hoover Upright Belt 38528-040 (2pk)

    Hoover Upright Belt 38528-040 (2pk)

    OEM Part #38528-040, 38528040 (replaces old 38528-027, 38528-037, 40201190)

    Sold 2 belts to a package - Genuine ONLY

    Package #40201190, 40201170
    Belt Part #38528-040

    *Also Replaces Package #40201116 and Belt Part #38528-027*

    Fits: EmPower, Fold Away, HOOVER Bagless (Not WindTunnel), Caddy Vac W/ Removable Tool Rack, Runnabout, Preferred, Soft&Light, Soft Guard, Breathe Easy (Breatheasy), Bagged Powermax OR Dirt Finder (NOT Self-propled), Dimension, Futura, Legacy, Elite, Fold-Away (Fold away, Foldaway).

    This belt fits these Hoover models: U4245, U4245-030,U4245-930, U4247-030, U4251-930, U4253-930, U4257-930, U4258-930, U4259-930, U4261-910,U4261-930, U4261-940,U4261-980,U4261-990,U4263-930,U4265-910,U4265-930,U4267-930,U4269-930,U4271-930,U4271-980,U4283-970, U4293-930, U4295-930, U4297-910, U4299-930, U4299-980, U4455, U4459, U4459-940, U4461-9, U4463-9, U4465-9, U4467, U4467-960, U4467-970, U4467-980, U4469, U4471, U4471-9, U4471-960, U4473, U4473-080, U4481, U4483, U4485, U4507, U4507-9, U4509, U4511, U4511-9, U4533-9, U4535-930, U4537-910, U4537-930, U4537-980, U4539-900, U4545-900, U4551-910, U4551-920, U4557-10, U4563-910, U4567-910, U4567-920, U4567-930, U4569-910, U4581-910, U4585-910, U4599-900, U4601-900, U4609, U4617-910, U4617-920, U4617-930, U4639-930, U4639-980, U4641-10, U4641-920, U4641-930, U4649-910, U4655-930, U4657, U4671-910, U4671-920, U4671-930, U4675-930, U4681, U4681-910, U4689-910, U4697-910, U4701-970, U4709-910, U4713-910, U4715-930, U4717-930, U4723, U5035-930, U5041-980, U5043-910, U5051-930, U5053-910, U5055-930, U5055-940, U5057-930, U5059-930, U5061-900, U5062-900, U5063-930, U5064-930, U5064-940, U5065-930, U5065-980, U5067-930, U5067-980, U5068-900, U5069-910, U5070-930, U5071-930, U5072-930, U5073-930, U5074-900, U5075-930, U5077-900, 5077, U5077-930, U5079-910, U5081-930, U5089-910, U5089-930, U5095-930, U5095-940, U5095-980, U5097-930, U5099-910, U5099-930, U5101-930, U5102-900, U5102-940, U5103-930, U5104-900, U5109-910, U5109-920, U5109-930, U5110-70, U5110-900, U5111-900, U5112-900, U5114-900, U5115-900, U5117-900, U5130-900, U5131-900, U5131-920, U5131-940, U5132-900, U5133-900, U5134-900m, U5134-920, U5135-900,U5160-00, U5161-900, U5162-900, U5163-900, U5167-900, U5168-900, U5209-930,U5213-930,U5215-930,U5219-930, U5221-930, U5223-930, U5227-930, U5231-930, U5233-930, U5235-930, U5237-930, U5254-900, U5256-900, U5258-900, U5270-930, U5280-940, U5290-900, U5298-900, U5509-900, Hoover Rewind Belt.

    There may be more models this belt fits then those listed above.

    This package (40201190) is a two pack of 38528040 belts. This flat replacement belt can be used in the EmPower, Fold Away, Fusion, Spirit, Sprint, Hoover Bagless, Elite, Caddy Vac, Soft & Light, Soft Guard and Breathe Easy. For use with these and similar models: 40201190, C1404---, C1414900, C1660900, U4266930, U5014900, U5016900, U5018900, U5023900, U5025906, U5046930, U5076930, U5104900, U5135900, U5162906, U5162911, U5164900, U5165900, U5167900, U5167950, U5170900, U5172900, U5173900, U5173950, U5174900, U5175900, U5175950, U5176950, U5177900, U5178900, U5179900, U5179906, U5180900, U5180910, U5180910W, U5180950, U5180955, U5182900, U5183900, U5183910, U5185900, U5244930, U5255950, U5260900, U5260950, U5262900, U5262910, U5263900, U5265900, U5265955, U5266950, U5268900, U5268950, U5268970, U5269900, U5269955, U52719RM, U52729RM, U5507900, U5507950, U5509900, U5511900, UH40070, UH40155, UH40185, UH40190

    Also known as the Hoover Style 190 Belt.

    $6.95 save 28%
  • Hoover Upright Belt - 38528-033

    Hoover Upright Belt - 38528-033

    38528-033, 38528033, 562932001, AH20065, Royal Dirt Devil #20 Belt, 40201160

    This belt is for the all Hoover WindTunnel models (Except the Self-Propelled units), Bagless Widepath and Bagless PowerMAX.

    These belts come 2 per pack and are the Genuine belts.

    This new belts is also the same as the Royal Dirt Devil #20 belt, 38528-058, 40201160, 40201-160.

    This fits Hoover models : U5330-900, U5344-900, U5347-900, U5347-960, U5348-900, U5349-900, U5361-900, U5363-900, U5365-900, U5393-900, U5394-900, U5395-900, U5395-940, U5395-960, U5395-970, U5396-900, U5396-960, U5397-900, U5398-900, U5398-990, U5399-900, U5403-900, U5409-900, U5409-955, U5409-990, U5415-900, U5420-900, U5433-900, U5434-900, U5435-900, U5436-950, U5437-960, U5439-900, U5443-900, U5443-940, U5443-960, U5445-900, U5445-940, U5446-900, U5446-990, U5447-900, 5449-940, U5450-900, U5451-900, U5452-900, U5453-900, U5454-900, U5456-900, U5457-900, U5458-900, U5460-900, U5461-900, U5462-900, U5463-960, U5464-900, U5465-900, U5465-960, U5465-970, U5465-990, U5469-900, U5469-910, U5475-900, U5475-960, U5477-900,U5720-900, U5720-960, U5720-990, U5721-900, U5722-900, U5750-900, U5750-980, U5752-900, U5755-900, U5757-900, U5758-900, U5759-900, U5761-900, U5762-900

    This package (40201160) is a two pack of 38528033 belts. This flat belt fits Windtunnel Uprights (except self propelled models). Also fits Commercial WindTunnel Bagless, Bagless Widepath, Bagless PowerMAX, Bagged Catlina, Bagged Tempo models and Bagless Tempo models. Fits these and similar models: 40201160, C1701900, C1712900, U5140900, U5144900, U5145900, U5146900, U5148900, U5150900, U5155900, U5156900, U53019RM, U53029RM, U5348911, U5402900, U5409955, U5416900, U54219RM, U5435906, U5436950, U5438960, U5453900, U5458900, U5458910, U5460900, U5462900, U5467900, U5468900, U5470900, U5473900, U5481980, U5491900, U5491950, U57009RM, U5720950, U5720960, U5725900, U5725960, U5750906, U5750911, U5752900, U5753900, U5753950, U5753960, U5753980, U5760900, U5760910, U5768900, U5786900, UH30015, UH30030HD, UH40020, UH40065, UH40115CA, UH40125.

    WindTunnel Style 160 Belts.

    $5.99 save 17%