Hoover Belts

Hoover Belts Belts for all Hoover vacuum cleaners.


  • Hoover Upright Belt - 38528-058

    Hoover Upright Belt - 38528-058

    38528-058, 38528058, AH20080, 562932001

    This belt fits the following Hoover upright vacuum cleaner models.: UH70100, UH70115, UH70120, UH70106, UH70107, UH70116, UH71009, UH70102, CH53010, CH53005, UH70800, UH70801PC, UH70805, UH70809, UH70819, UH70825, UH70829, UH70832, UH70839, UH70805DI, UH70821PC, UH70811PC, UH70815CDI, UH70831PC, UH70816, UH72011, UH72003, UH70860, UH70120PDI, UH70831PDI, UH70801PDI, UH70811PDI, UH70839CDI, UH70800CDI, UH70817, UH72011CDI.

    Same as 38528-033.

    These belts are sold two per package.
    $5.99 save 17%
  • Hoover Upright Belt - Style 170 - 38528-035 - 2pk

    Hoover Upright Belt - Style 170 - 38528-035 - 2pk

    OEM Part #38528-035, 40201-271, 11041084, Style 170 Drive Belt, HV Style 170

    Used in addition to 38528-034 - This is the flat agitator belt.

    Fits Hoover Windtunnel Self Propelled models. Hooverâ„¢ Windtunnelâ„¢ Self-Propelled (Bagless and Bagged) With Power Drive (V Style Belt).

    Models U5780-900, U6425-900, U6445-900, U6446-900, U6449-900, U6451-900, U6455-900, U6625-900, U6630-900, U6655-900, U6660-900.

    These belts are sold 2 belts per pack.

    $7.95 save 37%
  • Hoover Upright Belt - Style 200 - 38528-034

    Hoover Upright Belt - Style 200 - 38528-034

    OEM Part #38528-034, 40201200, 40201-200, Style 200, HD Style 200

    Genuine Hoover Windtunnel Agitator Power Drive (V-Belt) - 38528034
    Used in conjunction with Hoover 38528-035 Belts.

    Hoover Windtunnel Self Propelled With Power Drive (V Style Belt)

    Models U6425-900, U6445-900, U6446-900, U6449-900, U6451-900, U6455-900, U6625-900, U6630-900, U6655-900, U6660-900.

    These belts are sold individually.

  • Hoover Upright Belt 160147

    Hoover Upright Belt 160147

    OEM Part #160147

    Self-Propel Belt fits Hoover Concept One, Concept Two, Power MAX, Power Drive, Dirt FiNDER and DIal-A-Matic Models.

    This belt will also fit the Filter Queen canister power nozzle, Royal Canisters (prior to 1995), as well as the Thermax canister vacuum cleaner.

    These belts are sold 2 per pack.

    $6.95 save 28%
  • Hoover Upright Belt - 38528-008 - 2 Belts

    Hoover Upright Belt - 38528-008 - 2 Belts

    OEM Part #38528-008

    This Genuine belt fits Hoover Concept One and Concept Two Models, Self-Propelled PowerMAX, Power Drive and Dirt FINDER Models.

    Concept One Models U3101, U3103, U3105, U3105-035, U3105-930, U3107, U3109, U3109-100, U3223-9, U3225, U3305, 3305-303, U3307, U3311.

    Concept Two Models U3301, U3301-030, U3303, U3303-030, U3309, U3321, U3323, U3331.

    Power Max Models U3721-910, U3729-910, U3737-910, U3745-910.

    Dirt Finder Models U6311-930, 6317-930, 6319-930, U6323-930, U6323-930, U6331-930.

    Sold 2 belts per pack

    $6.95 save 14%
  • Hoover Savvy Belt - 91001028

    Hoover Savvy Belt - 91001028

    OEM Part # 38528-049, 91001028, H-91001028, 38528049

    Geared (cogged) belt for ALL Hoover Savvy models including U8172-900 Turbo Brush Bagless Vacuum.

    Sometimes you will also need Hoover Savvy motor bracket as well.

    This belt fits the Hoover Savvy U8171-900, U8172-900, U8173-900, U8174-900, U8181-900, U8183-900, U8185-900, U8172900 and U8188-900.

    Hoover Savvy Geared Belt

    Hoover Savvy Timing Belt

    $8.95 save 11%
  • Hoover Canister Belt 38528-011

    Hoover Canister Belt 38528-011

    38528-011 - Sold 1 Belts per Pack.

    Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Power Nozzle Belt For Hoover Spirit Models S3269, S3271, S3427, S3475, Power Matic Models S3057, S3059, S3059-030, 3061, S3061-030, S3077, S3079, S3079-030, S3079-035, S3081, S3083, S3083-030, S3093, S3127, S3147, S3149, S3161 Power Max Models S3606, S3609, S3615, S3603-040, S3611, Tempo Models S1347, S1349, S1353, Celebrity Models S3181, S3195, S3195-030, S3199, S3201, S3219, S3233, Dimension Models S3277, S3277-040, S3279, S3491, S3493, S3623, S3625.

    (Old #38528-009, 38528-002)
    Package #40201045

    $5.99 save 17%
  • Hoover Canister Belt 38528-036

    Hoover Canister Belt 38528-036

    38528-036. Two belts per pack.

    Windtunnel Canister powerheads models including S3630, S3639, S3646, S3649

    $5.99 save 17%
  • Hoover Upright Belt 2 Pack - 49258

    Hoover Upright Belt 2 Pack - 49258

    OEM Part #49258

    Fits Hoover Convertible, Decade 80 and Decade 800 Models.

    These belts are sold 2 per pack.

    This is the genuine belt ONLY!

    This belt fit the following Hoover upright models: U4301-9, U4303, U4305, U4307, U4309, U4311, U4315, U4317, U4319-9, U4325, U4327, U4329, U4331-9, U4335, U4337, U4339, U4341, U4343, U4345-9, U4347, U4349, U4349-1, U4353, U4357-6, U4359, U4361, U4361-030, U4363, U4363-042, U4363-045, U4365, U4365-075, U4367, U4369, U4371, U4371-042, U4371-045, U4373, U4373-048, U4375-9, U4377-9, U4377-935, U4379, U4381-9, U4381-930, U4383, U4385, U4387, U4389-9, U4391, U4395, U4397, U4399-9, U4401-9, U4401-948, U4403, U4403-042, U4403-048, U4405, U4407, U4409-9, U4411-9, U4411-948, U4413, U4413-042, U4413-045, U4417, U4423, U4425, U4443, U4445-9, U4447, U4449, U4449-048, U4453-9, U4493-021, U4495, U4497-9, U4501, U4501-9, U4503-9, U4513, U4515, U4517, U4521, U4523, U4525, U4531, U4595, U4597, U4719-900, U4721-900, U4727-900, U4729-900.

    There maybe other model numbers not listed above.

    $5.95 save 16%
  • Hoover Duros Belt - 93001625

    Hoover Duros Belt - 93001625

    OEM Part #93001625.

    Belt Agitator Hoover Duros Canister Vac S3590.

    Belts are sold individually.

    This belt is the same belt as the Sanyo SC-BL4.

    $3.99 save 13%
  • Hoover Upright Belt 38528-027

    Hoover Upright Belt 38528-027

    OEM Part #38528-027 (This belt has been replaced by 38528-040) Sold 2 belts per pack - Genuine ONLY

    Package #40201190
    Belt Part #38528-040

    *Also Replaces Package #40201116 and Belt Part #38528-027*
    Fits: EmPower, Fold Away, HOOVER Bagless (Not WindTunnel), Caddy Vac W/ Removable Tool Rack, Runnabout, Preferred, Soft&Light, Soft Guard, Breathe Easy, Bagged Powermax OR Dirt Finder (NOT Self-Propelled), Dimension, Futura, Legacy, Elite.

    Please NOTE: This belt has been replaced by 38528-040 - This belt WILL fit the 38528-027 - WE PROMISE !!


    This belt fits the following Hoover models: U4245, U4245-030,U4245-930, U4247-030, U4251-930, U4253-930, U4257-930, U4258-930, U4259-930, U4261-910,U4261-930, U4261-940,U4261-980,U4261-990,U4263-930,U4265-910,U4265-930,U4267-930,U4269-930,U4271-930,U4271-980,U4283-970, U4293-930, U4295-930, U4297-910, U4299-930, U4299-980, U4455, U4459, U4459-940, U4461-9, U4463-9, U4465-9, U4467, U4467-960, U4467-970, U4467-980, U4469, U4471, U4471-9, U4471-960, U4473, U4473-080, U4481, U4483, U4485, U4507, U4507-9, U4509, U4511, U4511-9, U4533-9, U4535-930, U4537-910, U4537-930, U4537-980, U4539-900, U4545-900, U4551-910, U4551-920, U4557-10, U4563-910, U4567-910, U4567-920, U4567-930, U4569-910, U4581-910, U4585-910, U4599-900, U4601-900, U4609, U4617-910, U4617-920, U4617-930, U4639-930, U4639-980, U4641-10, U4641-920, U4641-930, U4649-910, U4655-930, U4657, U4671-910, U4671-920, U4671-930, U4675-930, U4681, U4681-910, U4689-910, U4697-910, U4701-970, U4709-910, U4713-910, U4715-930, U4717-930, U4723, U5035-930, U5041-980, U5043-910, U5051-930, U5053-910, U5055-930, U5055-940, U5057-930, U5059-930, U5061-900, U5062-900, U5063-930, U5064-930, U5064-940, U5065-930, U5065-980, U5067-930, U5067-980, U5068-900, U5069-910, U5070-930, U5071-930, U5072-930, U5073-930, U5074-900, U5075-930, U5077-930, U5079-910, U5081-930, U5089-910, U5089-930, U5095-930, U5095-940, U5095-980, U5097-930, U5099-910, U5099-930, U5101-930, U5102-900, U5102-940, U5103-930, U5104-900, U5109-910, U5109-920, U5109-930, U5110-70, U5110-900, U5111-900, U5112-900, U5114-900, U5115-900, U5117-900, U5130-900, U5131-900, U5131-920, U5131-940, U5132-900, U5133-900, U5134-900m, U5134-920, U5135-900,U5160-00, U5161-900, U5162-900, U5163-900, U5167-900, U5168-900, U5209-930,U5213-930,U5215-930,U5219-930, U5221-930, U5223-930, U5227-930, U5231-930, U5233-930, U5235-930, U5237-930, U5254-900, U5256-900, U5258-900, U5270-930, U5280-940, U5290-900, U5298-900.

    There may be more models this belt fits then those listed above.

    $6.95 save 28%