Hoover Brush Rolls

Hoover Brush Rolls Brush rolls and agitators for all Hoover vacuum cleaners.


  • Hoover Brush Roll - 93001748 - Savvy

    Hoover Brush Roll - 93001748 - Savvy

    This brush roll fits the Hoover Savvy Upright vacuum cleaner.

    This brush fits U8171-900, U8174-900, U8181-900, and all other Hoover Savvy models.

    Also fits "some" Hoover Windtunnel models: U8181-900, U8187-900, U8188-900, UH40110.

    14.5" long.

    Hoover Savvy Brush Roll, Hoover Savvy Roller Brush

    Vac Pro Part #10.248

    $39.95 save 25%
  • Hoover Brush Roll - 93002361

    Hoover Brush Roll - 93002361

    This brush roll fits the Hoover U5780-900

    Hoover Mach 5 & Mach 6 Roller Brush Assembly

    Please note: The measurement between the end-cap and the center of the belt groove on this brush is about 3.5 inches!

    Also note the color of the brush roll. The original ones were orange.

    NOTE (5/13/2010) : The new brush rolls are being sent in the newer thick body brush roll core.

    Alternative Part #PH59155648

    $29.95 save 17%
  • Hoover Elite (Rewind) Brush Roll - 93002124

    Hoover Elite (Rewind) Brush Roll - 93002124

    Hoover AGITATOR Brush Roll Elite Rewind U5507 93002124

    This brush roll fits the Hoover U5507-900 (5507900), U5509-900, U5507-950, U5509-900, U5509-950, U5511-900, U5512-900, UH40070, UH40150HD

    Elite Rewind Model Series
    Elite Rewind Deluxe Series

    Original Part #59157074

    VacPro Part #10.550

    $29.95 save 17%
  • Hoover Elite Brush Roll - 48414081

    Hoover Elite Brush Roll - 48414081

    OEM Part #48414081, 48414035.

    Fits Hoover Elite, Hoover Legacy Models Hoover vacuum brush roll 48414035, 48414081. Old Part #48414079, 48414049, HR-2010

    Fits models U4245, U4245-030, U4245-930, U4247-016, U4247-030, U4249-030, U4250, U4251-930, U4253-930, U4256-900, U4257-930, U4258-930, U4259-930, U4260-930, U4261-910, U4261-930, U4261-940, U4261-980, U4261-990, U4262-930, U4262-950, U4263-930, U4264-916, U4264-930, U4265-910, U4265-930, U4266-906, U4266-916, U4266-930, U4266-940, U4266-960, U4267-930, U4268-930, U4269-930, U4270-930, U4270-940, U4271-930, U4271-980, U4272-930, U4283-970, U4293-930, U4295-930, U4296-930, U4297-910, U4299-930, U4299-980, U4455, U4457, U4459, U4459-940, U4461-9, U4463-9, U4465-9, U4467, U4467-960, U4467-970, U4467-980, U4469, U4471, U4471-9, U4471-960, U4473, U4473-080, U4481, U4483, U4485, U4507, U4507-9, U4511, U4511-9, U4521-930, U4523, U4525, U4533-9, U4535-930, U4537-910, U4537-930, U4537-930, U4539-900, U4545-900, U4551-910, U4551-920, U4557-910, U4563-910, U4567-910, U4567-920, U4567-930, U4569-910, U4581-910, U4585-910, U4599-900, U4601-900, U4609, U4617-910, U4617-920, U4617-920, U4617-930, U4639-930, U4639-980, U4641-910, U4641-920, U4641-930, U4645-930, U4649-910, U4655-916, U4655-930, U4657, U4671-910, U4671-930, U4675-930, U4681, U4681-910, U4689-910, U4697-910, U4701-970, U4709-910, U4713-910, U4715-930, U4717-930, U4723, U4731-910, U5035-930, U5041-980, U5043-910, U5043-930, U5046-930, U5051-930, U5053-910, U5053-930, U5055-930, U5055-940, U5057-930, U5059-930, U5061-900, U5062-900, U5063-930, U5064-930, U5064-940, U5065-909, U5065-930, U5065-980, U5066-930, U5067-930, U5067-980, U5068-900, U5069-910, U5070-930, U5071-916, U5071-930, U5072-930, U5073-930, U5074-900, U5075-930, U5076-930, U5077-930, U5079-910, U5081-930, U5089-910, U5089-930, U5092-940, U5093-900, U5093-940, U5094-930, U5095-920, U5095-930, U5095-940, U5095-980, U5096-930, U5097-930, U5098-930, U5099-910, U5099-930, U5101-930, U5103-930, U5105-930, U5109-910, U5109-920, U5109-930, U5115-900, U5117-900, U5131-900, U5201-930, U5209-906, U5209-916, U5209-930, U5211-930, U5212-900, U5213-930, U5215-930, U5219-930, U5220-930, U5221-930, U5222-930, U5223-930, U5223-940, U5227-930, U5231-930, U5233-930, U5233-980, U5235-930, U5237-930, U5239-930, C1404, C1412-900.

    This brush roll measures approximately 13" in length.

    Note: Hoover is now sometimes sending out a "fatter" version of this brush roll. It should fit and behave the same as the older "skinny" version.

    A.E. Carter Part #PH846
    $29.95 save 33%
  • Hoover Windtunnel Felt Washers - 38781053

    Hoover Windtunnel Felt Washers - 38781053

    OEM Part #38781053.

    Also Known as Agitator Pulley Seal.

    There are 4 felt washers in 1 set.

    $4.99 save 30%