Hoover vacuum cleaners.



  • Genuine Hoover Twin Chamber HEPA Filter - 40140201

    Genuine Hoover Twin Chamber HEPA Filter - 40140201

    Genuine Hoover Twin Chamber HEPA Filter #43611-042 (43611042), 40140-291
    Package #40140201

    Fits Hoover upright models U5288-U5900.

    Genuine Hoover HEPA Filter is designed for all Hoover Bagless Uprights with the Twin Chamber System, except the Hoover Fold-Away models.

    Fits all Hoover bagless upright models with the Twin Chamber system. Fits Hoover® Upright Models: U5290-900, U5296-900, U5720-900, U5750-900, U5761-900, U5762-900, U6630-900, U8130-900, U8140-900, U8146-900.

    This filter will fit the following Hoover models; All Bagless Uprights Hoover bagless uprights using twin chamber system, model# U5750-900), U5290-900, U6430-900 model U8140-900 Hoover models 5722, 5750, 6616, 6630, 6660, 8146, and 8147.Wind Tunnel, Savvy, EmPower and Bagless Uprights Using 43611042 & 40140201. This filter will also fit Hoover WindTunnel V2 Bagless Vacuum, Model No. U8140-900.

    43611042, 38-2306-07

    If you wish to save a little money - consider purchasing our Replacement Filter instead.

    $39.95 save 25%
  • Hoover  WindTunnel T-Series On / Off Switch - 28218062

    Hoover WindTunnel T-Series On / Off Switch - 28218062

    OEM Part # 28218062.

    This switch fits the following Hoover Windtunnel models models: UH70200, UH70205, UH70110, UH70120, UH70100, UH70106, UH70107, UH70130, UH70115, UH70116, UH70600, UH30300, UH30310, UH70601, UH70603, UH30600, UH70105, UH70140, UH70602, UH70605, Hoover UH70240.

    $5.95 save 24%
  • Hoover Adjustment Knob - 38421094

    Hoover Adjustment Knob - 38421094

    OEM Part #38421094.

    This is the height adjust knob and rug / floor selector knob for the Hoover Windtunnel U6425-900, U6445-900, U6446-900, U6449-900, U6451-900, U6455-900 and other models.
    $8.95 save 45%
  • Hoover Attachment Hose - 43431223

    Hoover Attachment Hose - 43431223

    OEM Part #43431223

    This is the attachment hose for the following Hoover Models: Hoover U8121-900, U8122-960, U8126-990 , U8132-900, U8141-900, U8120-900, U8122-900, U8126-900, U8130-900, U8134-900, U8140-900, U8142-900, U8146-900, U8148-900.

    This is a special order item. Please allow 3-5 business days before it can be shipped.

    $39.95 save 25%
  • Hoover Bagless Canister HEPA Filter - 59134050

    Hoover Bagless Canister HEPA Filter - 59134050

    OEM Part #59134050.

    This filter fits inside the retainer on the side of the Hoover Bagless WindTunnel Canisters S3755 & S3765.

    This filter measures about 4 inches in diameter and is about 1 inch thick.

    $39.95 save 28%
  • Hoover Bare Floor Tool - 43414073

    Hoover Bare Floor Tool - 43414073

    Genuine Hoover bare floor tool - fits all Hoover canister models made since 1963 that have a rigid button to lock the wand onto.

    CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner
    S3630--- WindTunnel Canister Cleaner
    S3639--- WindTunnel Canister Cleaner
    C2089--- Commercial Shoulder Vac Portable
    S3646--- WindTunnel
    S5697 Standard Accessory Kit
    S3630050 WindTunnel Canister Cleaner
    S3601050 PowerMAX Deluxe Canister
    S3410--- Spirit Canister
    S3649--- TurboPOWER WindTunnel Canister
    S3639050 WindTunnel Canister Cleaner
    $24.95 save 8%
  • Hoover Belt - 440001576

    Hoover Belt - 440001576

    OEM Part #440001576

    Hoover Belt 440001576 for Multi Cyclonic SH40060.

    This is a geared belt with gui-tz 3M 177.6 printed on it. Hoover part #440001576

    $7.95 save 25%
  • Hoover Belt - 562535001

    Hoover Belt - 562535001

    OEM Part #562535001, H-562535001.

    This is the belt for the following Hoover Upright vacuum cleaner models: UH70400, UH70402, UH72400m UH72401, UH72409, UH70401, UH70403PC, UH70404PC, UH70405.

    It will sometimes have 3M-201-6.5 printed on the balt as well.

    $6.95 save 14%
  • Hoover Bottom Plate - 42245030

    Hoover Bottom Plate - 42245030

    OEM Part #42245030.

    This is the bottom rug plate for the Hoover models: U6445-900, U6607-900, U6616-900, U6617-900, U6626-900
    $24.95 save 20%
  • Hoover Breath Easy Brush Roll - 48414061

    Hoover Breath Easy Brush Roll - 48414061

    OEM Part #48414061

    This brush roll fits the Hoover Breath Easy and Hoover Widepath models : C1700-900, C1702-900, C1710-900 U5242-930, U5242-980, U5243-960, U5244-930, U5248-930, U5250-930, U5251-900, U5252-930, U5252-980, U5253-900, U5253-980, U5254-900, U5255-900, U5255-916, U5256-900, U5258-900, U5264-930, U5270-930, U52719RM, U52729RM, U5280-900, U5280-940, U5288-900, U5290-900, U5294-900, U5294-940, U5296-900, U5298-900, U5298-940.

    This brush roll measures approximately 15.0 inches.

    VacPro Part #10.200

    $29.95 save 7%
  • Hoover BreathEasy Wheel Carriage - 43248073

    Hoover BreathEasy Wheel Carriage - 43248073


    OEM Part #43248073, 43248054.

    Fits Breathe Easy & Breathe Easy TurboPOWER U5242-930 U5242-980 U5244-930 U5248-930 U5250-930 U5250-930

    Also fits: U5280-900, U5280-990, U5288-900, U5294-900, U5294-940, U5296-900

    $19.95 save 25%
  • Hoover Brush Housing with Valve - 42246150

    Hoover Brush Housing with Valve - 42246150

    OEM Part #42246150

    Fits Hoover models including, but not limited to: U8311900, U8311-900, UH30065, U8347900, U8347-900, U8351900, U8351-900, U8361900, U8361-900, U8371900, U8371-900

    $29.95 save 17%