Hoover vacuum cleaners.



  • Hoover Upright Belt 160147

    Hoover Upright Belt 160147

    OEM Part #160147

    Self-Propel Belt fits Hoover Concept One, Concept Two, Power MAX, Power Drive, Dirt FiNDER and DIal-A-Matic Models.

    This belt will also fit the Filter Queen canister power nozzle, Royal Canisters (prior to 1995), as well as the Thermax canister vacuum cleaner.

    These belts are sold 2 per pack.

    $6.95 save 28%
  • Hoover Style C Bags - 4010003C

    Hoover Style C Bags - 4010003C


    Fits all Hoover ® bottom fill Convertible ™ vacuum cleaners
    $5.95 save 17%
  • Hoover Upright Belt - 38528-008 - 2 Belts

    Hoover Upright Belt - 38528-008 - 2 Belts

    OEM Part #38528-008

    This Genuine belt fits Hoover Concept One and Concept Two Models, Self-Propelled PowerMAX, Power Drive and Dirt FINDER Models.

    Concept One Models U3101, U3103, U3105, U3105-035, U3105-930, U3107, U3109, U3109-100, U3223-9, U3225, U3305, 3305-303, U3307, U3311.

    Concept Two Models U3301, U3301-030, U3303, U3303-030, U3309, U3321, U3323, U3331.

    Power Max Models U3721-910, U3729-910, U3737-910, U3745-910.

    Dirt Finder Models U6311-930, 6317-930, 6319-930, U6323-930, U6323-930, U6331-930.

    Sold 2 belts per pack

    $6.95 save 14%
  • Hoover Savvy Belt - 91001028

    Hoover Savvy Belt - 91001028

    OEM Part # 38528-049, 91001028, H-91001028, 38528049

    Geared (cogged) belt for ALL Hoover Savvy models including U8172-900 Turbo Brush Bagless Vacuum.

    Sometimes you will also need Hoover Savvy motor bracket as well.

    This belt fits the Hoover Savvy U8171-900, U8172-900, U8173-900, U8174-900, U8181-900, U8183-900, U8185-900, U8172900 and U8188-900.

    Hoover Savvy Geared Belt

    Hoover Savvy Timing Belt

    $8.95 save 11%
  • Hoover Style D Bags - 4010005D

    Hoover Style D Bags - 4010005D

    3pk Fits all Hoover Dial-a-Matic (Dialmatic) Uprights

    For use with all Hoover Dial-A-Matic upright vacuum cleaners. Includes 3 bags per pack. Standard Type D filtration.

    $5.95 save 17%
  • Hoover Canister Belt 38528-011

    Hoover Canister Belt 38528-011

    38528-011 - Sold 1 Belts per Pack.

    Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Power Nozzle Belt For Hoover Spirit Models S3269, S3271, S3427, S3475, Power Matic Models S3057, S3059, S3059-030, 3061, S3061-030, S3077, S3079, S3079-030, S3079-035, S3081, S3083, S3083-030, S3093, S3127, S3147, S3149, S3161 Power Max Models S3606, S3609, S3615, S3603-040, S3611, Tempo Models S1347, S1349, S1353, Celebrity Models S3181, S3195, S3195-030, S3199, S3201, S3219, S3233, Dimension Models S3277, S3277-040, S3279, S3491, S3493, S3623, S3625.

    (Old #38528-009, 38528-002)
    Package #40201045

    $5.99 save 17%
  • Hoover Canister Belt 38528-036

    Hoover Canister Belt 38528-036

    38528-036. Two belts per pack.

    Windtunnel Canister powerheads models including S3630, S3639, S3646, S3649

    $5.99 save 17%
  • Hoover Style F Bags - 4010007F

    Hoover Style F Bags - 4010007F


    Fits Hoover Electric Brooms including the long bag Handivac and Quik-Broom cleaners.
    $5.95 save 17%
  • Hoover Upright Belt 2 Pack - 49258

    Hoover Upright Belt 2 Pack - 49258

    OEM Part #49258

    Fits Hoover Convertible, Decade 80 and Decade 800 Models.

    These belts are sold 2 per pack.

    This is the genuine belt ONLY!

    This belt fit the following Hoover upright models: U4301-9, U4303, U4305, U4307, U4309, U4311, U4315, U4317, U4319-9, U4325, U4327, U4329, U4331-9, U4335, U4337, U4339, U4341, U4343, U4345-9, U4347, U4349, U4349-1, U4353, U4357-6, U4359, U4361, U4361-030, U4363, U4363-042, U4363-045, U4365, U4365-075, U4367, U4369, U4371, U4371-042, U4371-045, U4373, U4373-048, U4375-9, U4377-9, U4377-935, U4379, U4381-9, U4381-930, U4383, U4385, U4387, U4389-9, U4391, U4395, U4397, U4399-9, U4401-9, U4401-948, U4403, U4403-042, U4403-048, U4405, U4407, U4409-9, U4411-9, U4411-948, U4413, U4413-042, U4413-045, U4417, U4423, U4425, U4443, U4445-9, U4447, U4449, U4449-048, U4453-9, U4493-021, U4495, U4497-9, U4501, U4501-9, U4503-9, U4513, U4515, U4517, U4521, U4523, U4525, U4531, U4595, U4597, U4719-900, U4721-900, U4727-900, U4729-900.

    There maybe other model numbers not listed above.

    $5.95 save 16%
  • Hoover Commercial Spotter/Carpet Cleaner - C3820

    Hoover Commercial Spotter/Carpet Cleaner - C3820

    OEM Part #C3820.

    Five Rotating Brushes for Maximum Cleaning
    Ideal for Quick Clean Ups for Stains and Spills
    11" Cleaning Path
    7.9 Amps
    Includes 48 oz. ULTRA Detergent
    3 Brushroll Speeds: Off / Low / High -- "Off" feature allows user to pick up quick spills immediately
    SpinScrub brushes are floating and automatically adjust to different carpet heights. In addition, they are removable for easy cleaning
    Large 1 Gallon Clean Water/Solution Tank and Recovery Tank. Both are washable
    Heated cleaning forces hot air into cleaning path
    Automatic "shut-off" mechanism will shut off the cleaner suction when recovery tank is full
    Fingertip Trigger Solution lets user control how much solution is put down
    Integrated carrying handle makes the SteamVac easy to carry
    20' 18/3 SJT Cord
    19.0 lbs
    One Year Commercial Warranty
    $299.95 save 10%
  • Hoover Duros Belt - 93001625

    Hoover Duros Belt - 93001625

    OEM Part #93001625.

    Belt Agitator Hoover Duros Canister Vac S3590.

    Belts are sold individually.

    This belt is the same belt as the Sanyo SC-BL4.

    $3.99 save 13%
  • Hoover Style G Bags - 4010005G

    Hoover Style G Bags - 4010005G

    3 bags per pack.

    Fits Hoover Electric Brooms including the Pixie, HandiVac, Dustette and Quick-Broom cleaners. Includes 3 bags per pack.

    $5.95 save 17%