Hoover vacuum cleaners.



  • Hoover Brush Nozzle Housing - 42246136

    Hoover Brush Nozzle Housing - 42246136

    OEM Part #42246136

    This is the Agitator housing or brush roll nozzle housing for the following Hoover Windtunnel models: U6439-900, U6454-900, U6485-900, UH50000, UH50005B.

    This item does not include the bumper.

    $69.95 save 14%
  • Hoover Brush Roll - 301428009

    Hoover Brush Roll - 301428009

    OEM Part #301428009

    This is the brush roll for the Hoover UH30010

    Hoover Platinum Brush Roller 301428009; Brushroll Fits Hoover Platinum Vacuum Collection Lightweight Upright UH30010COM, UH30010COM Part # 301428009

    $39.95 save 38%
  • Hoover Brush Roll - 303202001

    Hoover Brush Roll - 303202001

    Hoover OEM Part #303202001

    This brush roll fits the Hoover UH70120, UH70100, UH70105, UH70200, UH70205, UH70210, UH70215.

    Windtunnel T series with On/Off Brushroll, UH70200 Windtunnel T Series Purely Clean, UH70205 Windtunnel T Series, Windtunnel Rewind Plus, UH70210.

    $24.95 save 20%
  • Hoover Brush Roll - 303792001

    Hoover Brush Roll - 303792001

    OEM Part #303792001.

    This is the brush roll for the Hoover UH70400 and the Hoover 70405.

    $39.95 save 13%
  • Hoover Brush Roll - 303996001 - WindTunnel / Tempo

    Hoover Brush Roll - 303996001 - WindTunnel / Tempo

    OEM Part #303996001, Old Part #48414110, 48414062

    Hoover WindTunnel Agitator Brush Part # 48414110
    Genuine WindTunnel agitator brush (Beater Bar) 13 inches wide.

    Hoover vacuum brush roll # 48414110 fits models U5142-900, U5144-900, U5146-900, U5147-900, U5150-900, U5154-900, U5330-900, U5394-900, U5395-900, U5395-960, U5399-900, U5403-900, U5432-900, U5433-011, U5433-900, U5433-906, U5433-909, U5433-916, U5434-900, U5435-900, U5435-906, U5437-960, U5438-900, U5438-960, U5439-900, U5469-900, U5475-960.

    This also fits the Hoover Tempo Upright model U5146-900.

    The new brush rolls now look like the Detailed Image - click on smaller picture to see the difference - this brush WILL fit just fine.

    A.E. Carter Part #PH840, VacPro Part#10.162

    $29.95 save 10%
  • Hoover Brush Roll - 440004079

    Hoover Brush Roll - 440004079

    OEM Part #440004079.

    This brush roll fits the following Hoover models: UH72400 UH72409 UH72401 UH72401 UH72405.

  • Hoover Brush Roll - 48414003 - Convertibles & Decades

    Hoover Brush Roll - 48414003 - Convertibles & Decades

    OEM Part #48414003 - Replaces 41435005. A.E. Carter Part #PH845

    Genuine Brushroll is no longer available. Aftermarket part #10.147.

    Replacement Hoover Metal Brush Roll. Fits all Convertible and Decade Models and Commercial Upright C1069.
    Measures approximately 11.75 inches long. This Brush roll is wood and has two rows of brushes. Sometimes also called brush roll, beater bar, agitator, or distribulator assembly. Fits many Hoover Convertible upright vacuums.

    Original part number 41435005, 48414007, 48414006, 48414003, 40414002, 40414021

    Fits models U4001, U4003, U4003-001, U4003-002, U4005, U4007, U4009, U4014-079, U4017, U4019, U4021, U4025, U4027, U4027-001, U4029, U4031, U4033, U4035, U4037, U4037-001, U4039, U4039-001, U4045, U4047, U4053, U4057, U4057-001, U4059, U4061,U4063, U4069, U4073, U4075, U4077, U4079, U4081, U4083, U4083-001, U4083-002, U4085, U4087, U4089, U4091, U4093, U4093-001, U4095, U4099, U4101, U4101-001, U4103, U4103-001, U4107, U4107-001, U4109, U4109-001, U4111, U4111-001, U4113, U4113-001, U4117, U4119, U4121, U4123, U4123-001, U4125, U4127, U4129, U4131, U4133-001, U4135-001, U4137-001, U4139-001, U4139-025, U4141-001, U4141-025, U4145, U4147-002, U4151, U4153, U4159, U4161-9, U4163, U4165,U4169, U4171, U4173, U4173-001, U4175, U4185, U4187, U4189, U4193, U4195, U4195-001, U4199, U4291-021, U4301-9, U4303, U4305, U4307, U4309, U4311, U4313, U4315, U4317, U4319-9, U4321, U4325, U4327, U4329, U4329-001, U4331-9, U4333, U4335, U4337, U4339, U4341, U4343, U4345-9, U4349, U4349-1, U4351, U4353, U4355, U4357-9, U4359, U4361, U4361-030, U4363, U4363-042, U4363-045, U4365, U4365-048, U4367, U4369, U4371, U4371-042, U4371-045, U4373, U4373-9,U4373-048, U4375-9, U4377-9, U4377-935, U4379, U4381-9, U4381-930, U4383, U4385, U4387, U4389-9, U4391, U4393, U4393-048, U4395, U4397, U4399-9, U4401-9, U4401-948, U4403, U4403-042, U4403-048, U4405, U4407, U4409-9, U4411-948, U4413, U4413-042, U4413-045, U4415-075, U4417, U4421, U4423, U4425, U4427, U4429, U4431-900, U4433, U4435, U4437, U4439, U4441, U4443, U4445-9, U4447, U4449, U4449-048, U4451, U4453-9, U4493-021, U4495, U4497-9, U4501, U4501-9, U4503-9, U4505, U4513, U4515, U4517, U4519, U4521, U4531, U4595, U4597, U4719-900, U4721-900, U4725, U4727-900, U4729-900, U4905, U4905-025, U4907-025, U7019, U7021, U7033, U7039, U7041, U7043, U7047, U7055, U7057, U7059, U7063, U7067, U7073, U7075, U7077, U7079, U7097.

    $29.95 save 17%
  • Hoover Brush Roll - 48414115 - WindTunnel

    Hoover Brush Roll - 48414115 - WindTunnel

    Hoover WindTunnel Agitator Brush Roll
    OEM Part# 48414115

    Hoover vacuum brush roll # 48414115.

    Fits models U5014-900, U5016-900, U5018-900, U5019-900, U5140-900, U5170-900, U5171-900, U5173-900, U5173-900, U5173-950, U5174-900, U5175-900, U5176-900, U5176-950, U5177-900, U5347-900, U5347-960, U5348-900, U5348-911, U5349-900, U5361-900, U5361-960, U5363-900, U5365-900, U5396-900, U5397-900, U5398-900, U5402-900. U5420-900, U5421-9RM, U5436-950, U5443-900, U5443-940, U5445-900, U5445-940, U5446-900, U5446-960, U5446-990, U5447-900, U5449-940, U5450-900, U5451-900, U5452-900, U5453-900, U5454-900, U5456-900, U5457-900, U5458-900, U5459-900, U5460-900, U5464-900, U5465-906, U5465-909, U5465-916, U5469-910, U5475-900, U5477-900, U5700-9RM, U5720-900, U5720-990, U5721-900, U5722-900, U5723-900, U5725-900, U5750-900, U5750-906, U5750-911, U5750-980, U5751-900, U5752-900, U5753-900, U5753-960, U5755-900, U5756-900, U5757-900, U5758-900, U5759-900, U5761-900, U5762-900, U5763-900, U5765-900, U5767-900, U5769-900, U5507-900, U5507-950, U5509-900, U5509-950, U5511-900, U5512-900.

    This brush also fits these Hoover models: #U5170-900, U5172-900, U5175-900, U5179-900, U5180-900, U5467-900, U5468-900, U5753-900, U5760-900, U5765-900, and all Hoover FoldAway Widepath (15") models, WindTunnel Non-Self Propelled and Fusion models.

    This brush roll measures about 14.5" in length.

    Hoover WindTunnel Brush Roll 48414115, 48414017, 48414132

    A.E. Carter Part #PH842, VacPro Part #10.733

    NOTE (7/6/08) - These brush rolls are now being sent with yellow brush strips and the brush core is slightly fatter than your original brush roll.

    $29.95 save 17%
  • Hoover Brush Roll - 48414127 - FoldAway

    Hoover Brush Roll - 48414127 - FoldAway

    This brush roll fits all Hoover FoldAway upright 13" models including #U5162-900, U5025-900.

    Hoover 48414127 Brushroll for Fold-A-Way Upright. VacPro Part #10.148

    $24.95 save 8%
  • Hoover Brush Roll - 48414128 - (Set of 2)

    Hoover Brush Roll - 48414128 - (Set of 2)

    Hoover WindTunnel V2 Brush roll Assembly / ONLY SOLD in a 2 pack.

    Hoover vacuum cleaner brush roll.
    These are sold 2 brush rolls per package.

    Sometimes has a letter "L" in middle of the brush.

    Measures approximately 7 inches long. Brush roll is plastic with round ends and two rows of brushes. Sometimes also called brush roll, beater bar, agitator, or distribulator assembly.

    Original part number 48414128. See model list below.
    If you are replacing brush roll # 48414128, replace all brush rolls in the vacuum at the same time

    Quantity 2 of # 48414128. You will also need quantity 2 of # 48414125.

    Fits models U8120-900, U8121-900, U8122-900, U8125-900, U8125-960, U8126-900, U8126-990, U8130-900, U8131-900, U8132-900, U8134-900, U8135-900, U8140-900, U8141-900, U8142-900, U8143-900, U8144-900, U8145-900, U8146-900, U8147-900, U8148-900, U8149-900, U8150-900, U8151-900, U8153-900, U8155-900, U8157-900, U8161-900, U8163-900

    Sometimes referred to as the Right Hand Side Brush Rolls.

    Vac Pro Part #10.121

    $19.95 save 20%
  • Hoover Brush Roll - 48414132 - Empower

    Hoover Brush Roll - 48414132 - Empower

    OEM Part #48414132, 48414017.

    This brush roll fits the following Hoover EmPower upright models: #U5262-900, U5265-900, U5268-900, U5269-900, and all other Hoover EmPower models.

    This brush also fits the Hoover UH70005B, U5180-900, U5180-910, U5182-900, U5183-900, U5185-900, UH70005-B, U5753-900, U5760-900, U5786-900, UH40125, U5014-900, U5016-900, U5018-900, U5395-900, U5421RM, U5433-900, U5445-900, U5465-900, U5465-960, U5180-910, U5810-900, U5180-900.

    $29.95 save 10%
  • Hoover Brush Roll - 91001201 - Windtunnel Self Propelled

    Hoover Brush Roll - 91001201 - Windtunnel Self Propelled

    Hoover WindTunnel Brush roll.

    New part #91001201 as of 9/1/2006. Sometimes Hoover ships this new brush roll in an all white finish.
    Most of the time, the brush roll will not look like the ones shown. They will usually be larger in diameter and black in color.

    OEM Part #91001201 - Replaces 48414160, 48414069.
    Blk Part #10.196, 10.079

    This brush roll fits models U6401-9RM, U6423-900, U6425-900, U6425-920, U6425-950, U6429-900, U6430-900, U6431-900, U6432-900, U6433-900, U6434-900, U6435-900, U6436-900, U6437-900, U6439-900, U6441-900, U6441-940, U6445-900, U6445-906, U6445-920, U6446-900, U6449-900, U6450-900, U6451-900, U6451-960, U6455-900, U6455-960, U6458-900, U6459-900, U6460-900, U6470-900, U6470-910, U6471-900, U6473-900, U6474-900, U6476-900, U6607-900, U6616-900, U6617-900, U6617-960, U6625-900, U6626-900, U6630-900, U6630-960, U6632-900, U6655-900, U6660-900.

    NOTE: As of 12/01/09 These brush rolls are now larger (in diameter) and have yellow brush strips on them.
    Please click on smaller picture for a better view.

    $26.95 save 15%