How much did you pay for your vacuum cleaner?

How much did you pay for your vacuum cleaner?
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Synopsis: Today I am going to talk about vacuum cleaner pricing. How much did you pay for your vacuum cleaner?

     So you have decided that it is time to purchase your new vacuum cleaner. You have looked through the Sunday paper and saw that cool machine in that commercial on T.V. and you are ready to buy. Maybe you even went online and saw some reviews on the machine you are interested in. Before you hop in the car and run down to your favorite big-box store you might want to make one more call. Try calling your local vacuum shop in your neighborhood that repairs AND sells vacuum cleaners.

     Here is the logic. You ready? It is real simple. The people that run the local shop in town that repair and sell vacuum cleaners usually know what they are talking about. Really! They have the experience of repairing everyone else's broken vacuum cleaner and because of that they have the benefit of knowing which vacuum cleaners are good and which ones are bad.

     Here is another good point. Most independent vacuum shops are NOT going to be the most expensive places to purchase. Really! Here in our store we have new vacuum cleaners from $50 all the way up to $1200 and everything in between. We even sell used vacuum cleaners. Most shops offer similar price points.

     Additionally there is a misconception that we can't compete with the big-box stores. This simply isn't true. Usually what is happening is that we tend to sell better vacuum cleaners and because of that those price points are going to be a bit higher.

     One other thing to mention here. When you see a big-box store offering a sale, don't always assume that the sale is a good deal. I see stories all the time where retailers are getting caught not offering quite what they are advertising. Great example of this is the story about - Kohls.

     Be aware and do yourself a favor, give us a call or go visit your local vacuum cleaner shop.

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Carl Tice I own and operate a traditional "mom-and-pop" vacuum cleaner shop here in Torrance, CA. We have been in business in the same location since 1966. We repair almost every brand ever made and we sell SEBO, Lindhaus, Simplicity, Miele, Fuller Brush as well as others.

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