Is your vacuum not performing like you want?

Is your vacuum not performing like you want?
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Synopsis: When to know that it is time to change the belt on your vacuum cleaner.

So you are vacuuming, but your machine just does not seem to be picking up like it usually does?

It could be something as simple as needing a new belt!

With very few exceptions, most vacuum cleaners need to have their belt changed once every six months. Don't wait until the belt breaks. If you wait that long, your vacuum will have been under-performing for some time. You might be surprised how much better your vacuum cleaner picks up with a fresh belt installed. 

Try this. Turn your vacuum cleaner on. Flip it over so you can see the brush spinning. With your foot (shoe on - please!), put it on the brush and see how much pressure it takes to stop the brush from spinning. If it does not take much effort to stop, then odds are the belt is slipping and needs to be changed.

Some vacuum cleaners have "permanent" belts. These belts are usually geared or cogged (have teeth). Usually, this belt will not need to be changed. If your vacuum cleaner has a separate button to reset the brush, then most likely that means that it is one of these types.

A good way to remind yourself when it is time to change that belt, take a moment and mark your calender. Every six months is the schedule you want to be on. Also, most belts are less than $5.00 for 2 belts. Spend only $5.00 a year and your carpets will thank you

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