Kenmore Belts

Kenmore Belts Belts for all Sears Kenmore vacuum cleaners.


  • Cogged Power Nozzle Belt - 804193

    Cogged Power Nozzle Belt - 804193

    Canister - cogged/geared.

    Geared Belt (cogged) for Kenmore and Panasonic power nozzles.

    This belt also fits the Hayden power nozzles that use a cog type belt. These belts typically will last three to five years.

    This belt also fits many Panasonic, Kenmore (Sears), and Royal power nozzles which are made by Panasonic.
    These power nozzles are sometimes called "Whirlpool power nozzles" since they originally designed and manufactured them.

    Kenmore/Whirlpool part #20-5285 and replaces 46-3300-03.

    This belt will fit Kenmore Canisters models: 5041, 5045, 5055, 55057, 50558.
    Kenmore power nozzle CT14L, CT14, CT16, CT18DX
    Panasonic model canisters: MC-V9620, MC-V9635, MC-V9647** denotes 00 to 99.

    Hayden 804193, Vac Pro Part 9.260

  • Kenmore 20-5218 Belt - Panasonic CB-3 Belt

    Kenmore 20-5218 Belt - Panasonic CB-3 Belt

    Kenmore vacuum belt 20-5218.

    Grooved style power nozzle belt. Mostly for newer models.

    Panasonic Belt number CB-3, MC-V370B

    Fits the Kenmore 116.27514 or 27514 or 116.27514700 or 116.27514701

    Panasonic MC-V370B Replacement CB-3 Belt, fits MC-CG885 canister, one replacement belt

    282 PH5 20-5218

    $8.95 save 11%
  • Kenmore Quiet Drive Belt - 20-5201

    Kenmore Quiet Drive Belt - 20-5201

    This belt fits the Kenmore Canister Quiet Drive power nozzle models.

    This belt also fits the Panasonic MC-V9658

    AE Carter PCN-28010

    $9.95 save 10%
  • Panasonic UB8 Belt - MC-V270B (2pk)

    Panasonic UB8 Belt - MC-V270B (2pk)

    Genuine Panasonic UB8 Belts MC-V270B (2pk) (UB8, UB-8)

    Fits Panasonic Upright Models MC- and MC-V, 50**, 51**, 55**, 57**, 68**, 69**, 73** Series vacuum cleaners.

    Panasonic MC-V5000 through MC-V5099, MC-V5100 through MC-V5199, MC-V5200 through MC-V5299, MC-V5300 through MC-V5399, MC-V5500 through MC-V5599 Uprights, MC-V5700 through MC-V5799, MC-V7721, MC-V6800 through MC-V6899, MC-V6900 through MC-V6999, MC-V7300 through MC-V7399 Uprights.

    Including these models: MC-V5017, MC-V5217, MC-V5247, MC-V5257, MC-5502, MC-6602, MC-V5715, MC-V5720, MC-V7347, MC-V7357, MC-V7367, MC-V7377, MC-V7387, MC-V7395, MC-V7399, MC-V7407

    Also fits Kenmore Uprights Using Belt # 20-5275 And 20-5240 (4369591)

    $6.00 save 17%