KitVac is an Australian manufacturer of Vacpans


  • KitVac Dustpan - KVDPWHITE

    KitVac Dustpan - KVDPWHITE


    KitVac has developed the first ever flush (with no protrusions) auto dustpan that is smooth lined and seamlessly obscure to the eye.

    The advantages of this design are as follows:
    Flush (with no protrusions).
    Eliminates injury to you and damage to the dustpan because of no protruding levers.
    Easier opening and closing with flip.flop door.
    Totally sealed door (vermin proof) with a dual rubber seal (bottom and rear) and tension spring which provides a higher seal integrity.
    Greater airflow speed in the chamber which increases suction power.
    Paint to suit your color scheme.
    Surface screws are hidden.
    Can be installed without the need for an access panel in the cabinets above!

    The only requirement is your cabinet toe-kick has to be at least 3 5/16" tall. The cut-out hole needs to measure 7 9/32" wide and 2 7/16" tall.

    These are available in WHITE, BLACK, ALMOND and SILVER - Please specify color in the comment box on the check out page.

    $59.95 save 17%