Koblenz is an international manufacturer of domestic and industrial floor care products, voltage regulators, battery backups and washers. The company was founded on July 15, 1959 as a manufacturer of voltage regulators, motors and pumps. During the 1960´s the company added vacuum cleaners and shampoo/polishers to its product line. In 1961 Koblenz developed its first vacuum cleaner, with an all-metal chassis and a single stage motor. The introduction of this vacuum cleaner in foreign markets was a total success due to the ruggedness and durability of the product design. In 1968 Koblenz introduced the first line of Rug Shampoers and Floor Polishers. In 1972 the company started manufacturign washing machines. In 1998 the company introduced a Total Floor Care System to satisfy the every day needs of consumers worldwide. Koblenz has over 2000 full time Employees including a complete engineering staff, state of the art test labs, and prototype facilities. All this operates in a main manufacturing plant of over 300,000 square feet. During the fall of 2000 Koblenz acquired Hoover´s mexican operation adding 10,000 sq. ft. to its manufacturer plant. Koblenz currently exports product to over 25 countries throughout the world including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Central and South America. The company´s vertical integration in manufacturing processes, including metal stampings, injection molding, motor winding and assembly, have allowed Koblenz to offer customers, turnkey project development from state of the art design sketches to high quality finished products. For over 40 years Koblenz has been dedicated to the development of high quality Floor Care Products targeted at solving real consumer needs in both the domestic and industrial markets.



  • Koblenz Scrubber Polisher - P-820

    Koblenz Scrubber Polisher - P-820

    Koblenz P-820 (P820)


    All Metal 4.2 Amp Motor
    Lightweight and Tough Poly Housing
    Thick Bronze Gears
    120oz Solution Tank
    Two Speed Brush, 900RPM Max
    Flow-Thru Brush Design
    Quiet Operation
    Lightweight Design For Home
    Painted Steel Handle
    Fingertip Solution Control
    Full Wrap Non-Marking Bumper
    1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

    This unit comes packed with the following bushes and pads:
    1 Shampoo Brushes (1 set)
    1 Hard Floor Brushes - Scrub (1 set)
    1 Lambs Wool Pads - faux - (used for high luster buffing) (1 set)
    1 Tan Polishing Pads (1 set)

    Shipping Weight: 15 lbs

    $209.95 save 5%
  • Koblenz Tan Buffing Pads 45-0105-2

    Koblenz Tan Buffing Pads 45-0105-2

    Woven nylon fibers. Removes and redistributes layer of wax to improve the luster and create a more durable coat. Should be complemented by felt or lambswool pads.

    Can also be used for more gentle scrubbing than the green pads.

    Mounts directly onto the Scrub Brushes only.

    Koblenz Waxing and Polishing Pads 45-0105-2 (4501052) - Fits all Koblenz and older Regina Polishers.

    These pads measure 6" in diameter.

    Included with these pads are the 2 retainer clips to hold the pad on your existing brushes.

  • Koblenze Wax Stripper - 2005726

    Koblenze Wax Stripper - 2005726

    Removes old wax buildup on your floors.

    Koblenz Wax Stripper removes old floor finishes and floor waxes.

    You can remove floor waxes like carnauba, floor finihes based on acrylic, copolymers, and metal crosslink, and also floor sealers made of acrylic and water based urethane.

    $19.95 save 15%
  • Koblenz Floor Polisher / Rug Polisher - P2600

    Koblenz Floor Polisher / Rug Polisher - P2600

    The Koblenz Cleaning Machine is a Total Floor Care System which lets you Scrub, Polish, Wax, Luster and Shampoo* all of your floors. The cleaning machine will also clean most every surface in your home including wood floors, vinyl & linoleum, carpet*, laminates, marble, terrazzo, rugs*, ceramic, concrete and more.

    This is the same type of machine that is used by the professional janitorial maintenance contractors. Koblenz has taken this heavy duty universal floor machine and down-sized it for the home.

    One machine does it all, only the brushes and pads are changed to suit the job. The twin brush machine will power though ugly scuff marks and remove deep embedded dirt and grime that other cleaning processes could not.

    The versatility of changing the brushes or pads for the job and not the machine let you use one tool to clean many surfaces. Using the cleaning machine with the right pads and brushes to bring back the original vivid colors of your carpeting, remove ugly spots and have a cleaner more hygienic floor for your family.

    * Scrub/Polish/Buff/Wax/Shampoo
    * All Metal 4.2 Amp Motor
    * Chromed Die-Cast Metal Housing
    * Thick Bronze Gears
    * 144oz Solution Tank
    * Two Speed Brush, 900RPM Max
    * Two Pivot Handle Connectors
    * Flow-Thru Brush Design
    * Quiet Operation
    * Lightweight Design For Home
    * Chromed Steel Handle
    * Fingertip Solution Control


    * 2 Shampoo Brushes
    * 2 Scrubbing Brushes
    * 2 Polishing Pads - (Tan)
    * Lambswool Buffing Pads

    * T-Bar Handle with Grips
    * Full Wrap Non-Marking Bumper
    * Brushes Included
    * Durable Bright Chrome Finish
    * 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

    $299.95 save 17%