Lamb Ametek

Lamb Ametek
Lamb Ametek vacuum motors are in 99.9% of all central vacuums. HOW TO REPLACE central vacuum motor: This is not difficult - loosen or remove the 2 or 3 screws holding the motor in place and disconnect the 2 or 3 wires. Replace with new central vac motor and wires. (Wires come attached to all motors unless noted). Cross reference central vacuum motors by entering a 6 or 4 digit motor number, if available (many older vacuum motors had lots of numbers none of which are the actual number). You can also use the Parts by Brand to the left to find the vacuum motor for specific vacuum models. Central vac motors on this website are either original replacement motors or upgrades to older and sometimes discontinued ones. All vacuum motors are brand new and complete as pictured. The measurement 7.2" & 5.7" is the diameter of widest circular section of the motor. Usually all central vacuum motors are in stock ready to ship, unless otherwise noted. Buy your motor within the USA! One year warranty. 30-day 100% refundable.


  • Lamb Amatek Vacuum Motor 240 volt - 116296

    Lamb Amatek Vacuum Motor 240 volt - 116296

    This is the Lamb-Ametek 116296 motor.

    You might see 6296, 6354, or 11-6296 stamped on the motor.


    5.7" wide, 7" high
    94.2 " Waterlift
    110.5 CFM
    349 AirWatts
    4.4 Amps @ 220-240V

    Replaces the older 116354.

    This motor fits the Filtex NTM285, NTM285A.

    Comes with a 1 year warranty and has an expected lifetime of 900-1200 hours.
    $119.95 save 12%
  • Lamb Ametek Vacuum Motor 220v - 117123

    Lamb Ametek Vacuum Motor 220v - 117123

    AMETEK LAMB 117123-00 Vacuum Motor

    Tangential Discharge, 3 Stages Motor

    101.2 CFM
    137.2 Inches of Waterlift (WL)
    240v - 60/50 Hz - Max Amps 7.3
    Max Air Watts 485

    This motor will fit the 240v Modern Day G23 model which uses 2 of these motors.

    This will also fit the 240v versions of the Beam 2500, M & S FX900, and Nutone 850.

    $169.95 save 12%