Sewing Machine Light Bulbs

Sewing Machine Light Bulbs We sell light bulbs for all brand and models of sewing machines.


  • Elna Sewing Machine Light Bulb - 444100

    Elna Sewing Machine Light Bulb - 444100

    This bulb Elna Star Series, Lotus Series, Stella Series, Air Electronic Series, Carina Jubilee Series.

    This bulb measures 1 13/4 in length and is 120v 15w - Frosted glass.

    OEM Part #444100

    $11.95 save 17%
  • Light Bulb - 25w Bayonet - 2PCW-V

    Light Bulb - 25w Bayonet - 2PCW-V

    25 watt bayonet light bulb.

    19/32" BASE

    This light bulb fits many vacuum cleaners. Eureka 1400 series, 2000 series, Kenmore / Panasonic powernozzles, Eureka canisters, royal canisters and many others.

    $4.95 save 40%
  • Screw-in Light Bulb -Small - 7/16" - 9SCW-F

    Screw-in Light Bulb -Small - 7/16" - 9SCW-F

    OEM Part # 9SCW-F, X53061050, 9SCW, S-005210021, S-549887.

    15 Watt, 7/16" screw-in bulb fits many Brother machines, White, Singer and others.

    Fits Singer 3800 series, 3709, 3722, 4800 series, 6510, 7350, 7360, Brother Xl3100, XR31, XR32, Boutique, Viking 535D serger, Babylock 5260D.

    This bulb also fits Brother: 320 Brother: 360 Brother: 451 Brother: 461 Brother: 661 Brother: 741 Brother: 751 Brother: 761 Brother: XL851 Brother: XL1351 Brother: XL1561 Brother: 1681 Brother: XL1781 Brother: XL4010 Brother: XL4020 Brother: XL4030 Brother: XL4050 Brother: XL4060 Brother: 524N Brother: XL4040 Brother: 523N Brother: 525N Brother: 526 Brother: 546D Brother: 626D Brother: 634D Brother: 834DP Brother: 934D Brother: LS1217 Brother: LS1520 Brother: LS2125 Brother: LS2720 Brother: LS2725 Brother: LS2820 Brother: LS2825 Brother: LS2920 Brother: PS1000 Brother: PS1200 Brother: PS1250 Brother: PS1750 Brother: PS1800 Brother: PS2200 Brother: RS15 Brother: RS25 Brother: RS35 Brother: VX1120 Brother: VX1125 Brother: VX1140 Brother: VX520 Brother: VX540 Brother: VX560 Brother: VX620 Brother: VX640 Brother: VX660 Brother: VX707 Brother: VX710 Brother: VX760 Brother: VX780 Brother: VX800 Brother: VX807 Brother: VX809 Brother: VX810 Brother: VX880 Brother: VX890 Brother: XL2010 Brother: XL2015 Brother: XL2021 Brother: XL2022 Brother: XL2025 Brother: XL2030 Brother: XL3010 Brother: XL3022 Brother: XL3025 Brother: XL3027 Brother: XL3030 Brother: XL3100 Brother: XL3200 Brother: XL5010 Brother: XL5200 Brother: XL5232 Brother: XL5300 Brother: XL5340 Brother: XL5500 Brother: XL5600 Brother: XL5700 Brother: XL711 Brother: XL781 Brother: XL791 Brother: XR29 Brother: XR31 Brother: XR34 Brother: XR35 Brother: XR37 Brother: XR40 Brother: XR23 Brother: XL5011 Brother: VX1100 Brother: VX1200 Brother: 681 Brother: XL5012 Brother: XL5020 Brother: XL5030 Brother: XL5060 Brother: XL5070 Brother: XL5100 Brother: XL5130 Brother: PX100 Brother: PX150 Brother: PX200 Brother: PX300 Brother: XL5021 Brother: XL5022 Brother: XL5031 Brother: XL5032 Brother: XL5050 Brother: 526D Brother: 546 Brother: 920D Brother: PL1050 Brother: 640D Brother: 925D Brother: 935D Brother: 929D Brother: 1034D.

    We call this bulb the "small" screw-in bulb.

    $4.95 save 40%
  • Sewing Machine Light Bulb - 15w Bayonet

    Sewing Machine Light Bulb - 15w Bayonet

    15 watt bayonet light bulb.

    This light bulb fits many sewing machines.

    This picture shows a 25 watt bulb, but the one you are ordering is a 15 watt bulb.

    $4.99 save 20%
  • Sewing Machine Screw-in Bulb - 5/8" - Large - 3SCW

    Sewing Machine Screw-in Bulb - 5/8" - Large - 3SCW

    OEM Part # 643, X53061050, 9SCW, S-005210021, S-549887

    15 Watt, 5/8" screw-in, most common of rotary type. This bulb fits White models : 41 and White 43 as well as many others.

    We call this the "large" screw-in bulb.

    $4.95 save 40%