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  • Lindhaus HealthCare Pro Bags - PH4

    Lindhaus HealthCare Pro Bags - PH4

    "PH4" Bags - 10pk Bags & 2 Filters

    Lindhaus PH4 Paper Bags.

    Lindhaus Type PH4 Paper Bags.
    There ten paper bags in each pack.

    The 4 quart paper bags are designed for the Lindhaus Healthcare Pro HEPA series uprights.

    These uprights have the hose or wand along the left side outside of the bag chamber. The nozzle connector is centered at the bottom of the vertical body

    These bags also fit these models:
    Euroclean Pro 14
    Euroclean DU135 09 4105-01
    Euroclean 09410509
    Kent 152B Duralux
    Nilfisk CarpeTwin Upright 14
    Nilfisk CarpeTwin Upright 18
    Nilfisk Advac
    Lindhaus Healthcare Pro
    Lindhaus RX HEPA
    Lindhaus CH Pro
    Lindhaus Dynamic 300
    Lindhaus Dynamic 380
    Lindhaus Dynamic 450

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