Looking for a HEPA Vacuum Cleaner? Purchasing help…

Looking for a HEPA Vacuum Cleaner? Purchasing help…
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Synopsis: Everyone says their vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter. But what does that mean and does it really make a difference?

I thought I might write about something I hope will help people understand the importance of making the right decision when choosing a new vacuum cleaner, especially if we are talking about a vacuum cleaner where the manufacture is telling you that their machine has a HEPA filter.

Despite what the manufactures tell you, 95% of the vacuum cleaners being used right now in most homes blow at least 90% of the dust right back into your home! Let me say that again… 95% of the vacuums sold right now, blow at least 90% of the dust they pick up RIGHT BACK INTO THE ROOM!

“But wait!”,you say. “My vacuum has a HEPA filter!”

If you look at the “HEPA” ratings most manufactures put on their vacuum cleaners, you will find that almost all of them claim a 99.9% efficiency rating. Sometimes you will see 99% @ .3m. But what you will rarely see is whether the entire vacuum is HEPA rated.

What I mean is that although a company will advertise that they have a HEPA filter, it does NOT mean that your vacuum cleaner traps 99% of the dust @ .3m. What they are really saying is that the HEPA filter in that vacuum cleaner traps 99% @ .3m. This means that although the filter is HEPA rated, dust has plenty of opportunity to get around that filter and right back into the room.

Here is another disturbing thought. Odds are pretty high that your vacuum cleaner is a bigger source of allergen contamination than any other source inside your home.

The trick is to get educated. You will find that in most cases the best source of the kind of information that will help you get the best performing vacuum cleaners is most likely your local mom-and-pop vacuum store. If you are looking for specific advise as to which vacuum cleaner or air purifier is the best, give them... or us a call. As far as the best current brands of vacuum cleaners to look at; check out SEBO, Simplicity, Riccar, and Miele.

If you want to get educated before you make that next purchase, do yourself a favor, and get educated. Come into our store if you are here in the Los Angeles area.  In my next article I will delve more into performance, filtering, and durability. Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions.

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