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Miele Filters We stock most all of the filters for the all Miele vacuum cleaners.


  • Miele Active Certified HEPA Filter - S4000-S6000 - SF-HA50

    Miele Active Certified HEPA Filter - S4000-S6000 - SF-HA50

    OEM Part #SF-HA50, SF-AH 50.

    Fits the Miele Galaxy Series Canister Vacuum (S4 Galaxy Series)

    OEM Part# AF-AH 50, 05996881, AH-5

    This is a REPLACEMENT Filter

    Miele's new design HEPA HA50 AirClean filter is designed for S4000, S5000, S6000 and S8000 series canister vacuums.

    Thisfilter fits the following Miele vacuum cleaner models:4210, S4212, S4282, S4580, S4582, S4780, S5210, S5211, S5280, S5281, S5380, S5381, S5481, S5580, S5981, S6270, S6290, S8380, S8390, S8390C, S8590, S8590M, S8890.

    This exhaust filter combines a Certified HEPA Filter with a thin layer of Activated Charcoal to provide both HEPA filtration and effective odor control.

    S4210 Galaxy Carina Canisters
    S4210 Galaxy Antares Canisters
    S4210 Galaxy Capella Canisters
    S4210 Galaxy Sirius Canisters
    S4580 Galaxy Luna Canisters
    S4780 Galaxy Orion Canisters
    S5210 Ariel Canister
    S5280 Pisces Canister
    S5280 Callisto Canister
    S5380 Gemini Canister
    S5580 Aquarius Canister
    S5980 Capricorn Canister

    This filter should be replaced every 12 months with typical household use.
    This is highly recommended for those who have dust related allergies or asthma.

    AH50, AH-50
    $49.95 save 20%
  • Miele HEPA Filter - Midsize - SF-AH 30 - 04854915

    Miele HEPA Filter - Midsize - SF-AH 30 - 04854915

    OEM Part #SF-AH 30, AH30, or HA30.

    This is an AFTER-MARKET (Generic) Miele HEPA Filter for the Miele s300 - s600 Series Canister vacuum cleaners.
    This filter will fit Miele s300, s400, s500, s600 Series models.

    This filter also fits the S2000, S7000, Classic and Dynamic Series models.

    The H.E.P.A. (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter captures and retains tiny, lung-damaging particles (including dust mite feces and pollen). This filter also has an activated charcoal filter (GAC) for absorbing odors.

    This Miele filter is rated to trap 99.99% of all particles as small as 0.3 of a micron.

    Please note: We have extensively tested* this filter and we feel that this filter performs AS WELL as the genuine filter, but at almost half the price.

    About the only thing we do not like is the fact that the recommendation from the manufacture is to change these every 6-8 months.

    NOTE: Sometimes this filter has a Black or White frame instead of the Blue frame.

    *Tested using the IQAIR Particle Scanner after 6 weeks (12 hours) of running.

    This filter fits the Miele S2 and S7 models, Miele White Star, Red Star, S314 Deluxe, S300i - S356i and S400i - S456i Series vacuum models. Solaris, SolarisTurbo Plus, Solaris Electro Plus, Silver and Blue Moons, Platinum, Aluminium and vacuum models S500-S558. S700-7999 and S8581.

    All Miele models that start with s5xx (s500, s501i, s512, s512i, s544)

    S301 Midsize Canister
    S312 Midsize Canister
    S312 White Star
    S312 Red Star
    S314 Midsize Royal Blue
    S314 Red Star
    S314 White Star
    S316 Cat & Dog
    S318 Medivac
    S318 Bahama Blue
    S334 Ambiente
    S336 Blue Magic
    S344 Platinum
    S401 Fullsize
    S412 PROFI
    S428 Allergy Control Vac
    S434 White Pearl
    S438 Allergy Control
    S444 White Pearl
    S514 Solaris Yellow
    S514 Solaris Turbo
    S514 Solaris Electro
    S516 Cat & Dog
    S518 Medivac
    S524 Deluxe Midsize
    S524 Mercury
    S524 Crystal
    S528 Filtration Guard
    S538 Monte Verde
    S544 Artico
    S548 Aluminium
    S548 Champagne
    S558 Silver Moon
    S558 Red Velvet
    S624 Deluxe Fullsize
    S658 Blue Moon
    S2120 Olympus
    S2120 Delphi
    S2180 Titan
    S7 Bolero
    S7 Calypso
    S7 Jazz
    S7 Salsa
    S7 Tango

    Fits 300-600 Series, fits S2 Galaxy Canisters, fits Miele S7 uprights.

    OEM Part #04854915, SFAH30