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Modern Day
Modern Day / FloMaster / Silent Master MD Manufacturing Central Vacuum Systems, based in Southern California, was founded in 1961 and has become one of the largest central vacuum manufacturers supplying the entire United States and almost 50 other countries. Our number one passion is, and has always been, the central vacuum industry. Over the past 4 decades we have learned a tremendous amount about all aspects of central vacuums, cleaning dynamics, product engineering, and homeowner’s needs. In 1995 we opened up our knowledge base to the entire world through the internet. As a result, tens of thousands of home owners have updated their older vacuums and now live in a cleaner environment. Our goal is not to have the cheapest products in your home or on the internet. We pride ourselves in manufacturing and selling high quality goods and providing accurate, first-rate customer service. Here is the voice of one client that represents the daily feedback we receive:


  • Inlet Adapter Kit (for proprietary Vacuflo valves) - 517VA

    Inlet Adapter Kit (for proprietary Vacuflo valves) - 517VA

    OEM Part #517VA

    If your built-in system made by HP Vacuflo Series 4940 you can use our better attachment systems.

    Simply buy this kit for the number of inlets in your home and buy full faced basic inlet valves such as those listed below.

    After an easy installation you will now be industry standard - ready to use any "Corded" electric kit
    with corded hose such as our Stealth Kit.

    NOTE: Unfortunately you will NOT be able to use your original hose with the inlet shown at the
    bottom of this page that will work with this kit. Our understanding is that the original inlet is no longer being made. You will have to change out ALL the inlets in your house AND purchase a new hose as well.

    Click image or this link to see an installation guide provided by Modern Day.

    Photo courtesy of Modern Day Mfg.

    $24.95 save 24%
  • Lamb Ametek Vacuum Motor 240 volt - 115519

    Lamb Ametek Vacuum Motor 240 volt - 115519

    This is a 2-stage, 7.2 inch, 220-240 volt Lamb Ametek motor.

    The motor may only have the numbers 5519 stamped on it.

    Waterlift 97.2", CFM 107.3, AirWatts 324, Amps 5.3.

    This motor fits Filtex TC600L, Filtex NTC600, Filtex NTC600A, FX775 (black), Central Vacuum International (CVI) CVS211, CVS211DP.

    Replaces old Lamb Ametek 115963 motor.

    Lamb Ametek

    This is a NEW motor (not used or rebuilt)!

    $379.95 save 17%