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Modern Day
Modern Day / FloMaster / Silent Master MD Manufacturing Central Vacuum Systems, based in Southern California, was founded in 1961 and has become one of the largest central vacuum manufacturers supplying the entire United States and almost 50 other countries. Our number one passion is, and has always been, the central vacuum industry. Over the past 4 decades we have learned a tremendous amount about all aspects of central vacuums, cleaning dynamics, product engineering, and homeowner’s needs. In 1995 we opened up our knowledge base to the entire world through the internet. As a result, tens of thousands of home owners have updated their older vacuums and now live in a cleaner environment. Our goal is not to have the cheapest products in your home or on the internet. We pride ourselves in manufacturing and selling high quality goods and providing accurate, first-rate customer service. Here is the voice of one client that represents the daily feedback we receive:


  • Neck Joint & Cord for Stealth Power Nozzle - 49002

    Neck Joint & Cord for Stealth Power Nozzle - 49002

    OEM Part #49002

    Complete Neck Joint & Cord for Stealth Power Nozzle.

    Note: This is for the older style Stealth nozzles that have the cord that goes all the way up the wand. This will NOT work for the newer style that uses the shorter 6" cord.

    Photo courtesy of Modern Day Mfg.

    $149.95 save 19%
  • NEMA 5-30 30 amp Receptacle (for S5 and SV 110 volt) - 267

    NEMA 5-30 30 amp Receptacle (for S5 and SV 110 volt) - 267

    OEM Part #NEMA 5-30

    This is for the Modern Day and Silent Master central vacuum units 110 volt and draw over 20 amps.

    This is the large 110 volt plug for the Modern Day Silent Master S5 central vacuum system.
    The plug is larger than 240 volt plugs and one prong looks like an "L". This socket fits into and can be used with a single gang box.

    $29.95 save 17%
  • Noise Muffler for Central Vacuum

    Noise Muffler for Central Vacuum

    Noise muffler for built in central vacuum system that use 2" (2 inch) exhaust ports.

    This muffler will make your built in system run quieter. Attaching this muffler to any central vacuum that has 2" OD diameter exhaust port(s).

    One muffler per exhaust port on the vacuum itself.

    Use a 90 Spigot Sweep Ell to install it vertically (if you need to - we do not recommend this as this will decrease the flow of air leaving the motor).

    $22.95 save 13%
  • Pre-inlet Valve Separator - 225SS

    Pre-inlet Valve Separator - 225SS

    Connect this separator between your hose and inlet to separate debris and liquid before it enters the piping system.

    Plug your hose into the front of the can and simply connect the 3-foot hose (included) to your inlet valve.
    Includes a float to prevent overfilling and tipping concerns.

    This separator does not contain a motor. It is compatible with all central vacuums.

    To clean hose, suction up a gallon or so of water. To dry the inside of the hose plug it directly into the wall inlet and let air run through it for 15 minutes or so.

    $249.95 save 8%
  • PVC Central Vacuum Pipe (Priced Per 8' Stick) - 521

    PVC Central Vacuum Pipe (Priced Per 8' Stick) - 521

    8' PVC Central vacuum pipe - Pipe is priced PER 8' Stick.

    Each piece is 8 feet long, 2 inch OD, and meets the industry standard for central vacuum piping.

    All of our pipe and fittings meet the new ASTM F2158-01 Standard Specification for Residential Central-Vacuum Tube and Fittings as now required here in CA as of 1/12006.

    Central vacuum tube.

    PLEASE NOTE: Additional shipping weight has been added due to the high cost UPS charges for us to ship this out to you!

    We also have shorter lengths of pipe available as well.


    $10.95 save 9%
  • Rug and Floor Combination Attachment Tool - 409

    Rug and Floor Combination Attachment Tool - 409

    Rug and Floor Central Vacuum Combo Tool.

    This is a rug and bare floor Combination Tool and is 11 inches wide.

    It changes from a bare floor tool (bristles come down) to a carpet tool (bristles come up for smoother gliding over your carpet).

    If you really want to clean your carpets better, use one of our air-driven, rotating carpet brushes.
    Air Driven - Turbo Zoom EZ (Best choice)
    Air Driven - TP210
    Air Driven - TK-27

    Please Note: Sometimes the attachment doesn't quite look like the one pictured. Sometimes it is gray or black in color, and sometimes there is only one lever - rather than two levers.

    Combo Carpet Tool photo courtesy of Modern Day Vacuums

    $39.95 save 40%
  • RugRat Turbine Power Hand Brush - Rug Rat - 470

    RugRat Turbine Power Hand Brush - Rug Rat - 470

    High speed rotary agitator brush cleans and grooms carpeting, steps, upholstery, and auto interiors.

    The RugRat high speed turbine power agitator brush (RugRat Turbine Brush with the exclusive TurboFlex agitator) operates by vacuum and requires no batteries or electric cords. It is the little brother to the Ultra TP210 or the Turbo Zoom Ex.

    Fits all standard portables and built-in vacuum systems.

    OEM Part #6971

    Rug Rat, Rugrat

    $69.95 save 30%
  • Shutter Plantation Blind Tool for all Vacuum Hoses - 403PBL

    Shutter Plantation Blind Tool for all Vacuum Hoses - 403PBL

    Vacuum accessory for faster and more effective than messy wiping or dusting.

    Unique electrostatic brushes slide easily between slats (up to 2.25 inches wide), attracting dust and particles like a magnet.
    Special air vent sucks up dust in seconds.

    You'll never be a slave to messy wiping and dusting chores again. Washable, lightweight.

    Includes adapters to fit any perfectly round vacuum hose and/or wand.

    This tool will fit most standard American Fit-All 1 1/4" attachment systems. It will not work with the European Systems without the use of this adapter.

    $14.95 save 12%
  • Standard Crevice Tool - 405

    Standard Crevice Tool - 405

    This is what we call a fit-all crevice tool.

    This is the standard 1 1/4" fit-all fitting.

    Works great for very narrow places such as window tracks, behind the sofa, the carpet along the baseboard edge, and tight places inside the car.

    PLEASE NOTE: The crevice tool shown may not look quite like the one you receive.
    $4.12 save 4%
  • Stealth Integrated Telescopic Wand - 406STI

    Stealth Integrated Telescopic Wand - 406STI

    Stealth integrated telescopic electric wand.

    If you have an older style Stealth system with the long cord taht attached to the outside of the wand with the newer "shorter" 49054S cord.
    $59.95 save 29%
  • SuperValve Inlet Cover Kit White FullFace - 663HW

    SuperValve Inlet Cover Kit White FullFace - 663HW

    Hayden central vacuum system SuperValve inlet/kit IVORY Full Face Door.

    The SuperValve has connections for both low voltage wire (starts the power unit) and high voltage wire (starts the electric power brush).

    Comes with: rough-in mounting plate with J-box, and white cover plate (not sold separately). Made by Hayden. Outer dimensions: 3 1/8" by 4 7/8".

    Pictured is inlet in White.

    This comes with stud plate.

    $29.95 save 4%
  • Telescopic Full-Length Ratchet Wand - 406T

    Telescopic Full-Length Ratchet Wand - 406T

    OEM Part #406T.

    Great addition to any air-driven or non-electric power brush system. Friction locking, no button locks.

    Telescopes from 20" all the way to 38" in length and is the industry standard 1 1/4 inch connection width at either end of the wand.

    $24.95 save 4%