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  • Oreck Upright Fan - 097530001

    Oreck Upright Fan - 097530001

    OEM Part #097530001.

    This fan fits Oreck upright models 100C, 9100C, 2000HH, 2000RH, 2000RS, 2100HH, 2100RH, 2100RS, 2200RS, 2300RS, 2400RS, 2500RH, 2600HH, 2700HH, 2800H2B, 2800H2W, 3600HH, 3600RH, 3610HH, 3800H2B, 3900H2B, 3910H2B, and many others.

    Related part numbers: EP-28000, HM-2800, OR-2800, OR-2820.

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  • Oreck Upright Motor - 09-75535-01

    Oreck Upright Motor - 09-75535-01

    OEM Part #09-75535-01, 119665-01.

    Motor Kit for all Oreck XL Residential Upright vacuum cleaners including the following Oreck model numbers: 100C, 9100C, 9200, 9400, 4070H2L, 4080H2B, 4080H2R, 4080H2Y, 4090H2B, 4090H2G, 4090H2T, 4090H2P, 4120H2B, 4120H2P, 4120H2R, 4490HH, XL2250RS, XL2260RS, XL2310RS, XL2310RSF, XL2310RD, XL2330HS, XL2330RS, XL2330RD, XL2740RD, XL9000W.

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  • Oreck XL2000 HH / Oreck HR Handle Connector - 09-75308-57

    Oreck XL2000 HH / Oreck HR Handle Connector - 09-75308-57

    OEM Part #09-75308-57

    This is the handle connector for the Oreck XL2000 HH/HR

    VacPro Part #71.079

    $34.95 save 14%