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  • Hayden Power Nozzle Cord - 48015G

    Hayden Power Nozzle Cord - 48015G

    This is the powernozzle cord for most of the newer Hayden and Kenmore vacuum cleaner head. The two pins are exposed outside the head. May come in ivory or gray.

    Also might be listed as cord MFG Part# EB24032 and is the replacement for these power brushes as well: CT-12DXL, CT-14DX, CT-16DX, CT-18DXQD, CT-18DXQS, CT-20DXQD, CT-20DXQS
    These were sold under the brand names Nutone, Vacuflo, M & S, AirVac, Vacumaid, Beam, Panasonic, and Galaxie.

    Replacement Cord for the Kenmore PowerMate Vacuum Head.


    ESSCO Part# BI-40460.

    $19.95 save 20%
  • Kenmore & Panasonic Power Nozzle Brush Roll - AMC84RCRE00P

    Kenmore & Panasonic Power Nozzle Brush Roll - AMC84RCRE00P

    OEM Part #AMC84RCRE00P.

    This brush roll fits many Kenmore power nozzles including the 116.202861480x, 116.52813204 and many others.

    This also fits the Panasonic MC-CG885, and the Panasonic MC-CG-887 canister power nozzle.

    It is item #N29 in the picture,

    It uses the 20-5218 Belt.

    ESSCO Part #P-20011.

    $89.95 save 11%
  • Kenmore Connection Pipe - KC92PBZTZV06

    Kenmore Connection Pipe - KC92PBZTZV06

    OEM Part #KC92PBZTZV06, AC92PCAZZV06

    If you have a Kenmore Canister vacuum cleaner with a hose that has three prongs at the machine end of the hose - this is the part you are looking for.

    Machine end swivel coupler for Kenmore electric hoses.

    This piece fits the following Sears Kenmore models: 11625915504 ,11625813503 ,11625614503 ,11625615503 ,11623206111C,11625914501 ,11625914502 ,11625914504, 11625914506 , 11625915501,11625915502, 11625915506,11625812501 ,11625813502 ,11625813505 ,11627814704 , 11627814703 , 11627814705 ,11627815703, 11623204111C,11623485111C,11623205111C , 11625614502,11625615502 ,11625512501,11625512502 ,11625513502 ,11623104802C,11623104803C,11623385902C, 11623385903C, and as well as many more.

    To install this:
    You will need a couple of small flat blade screwdrivers.

    Locate the mold impression lines on the seam on the hose cuff and the mold seam on the elbow.

    Place the tip of the flat bladed screwdriver in the gap between the cuff and the elbow and slide the screw drive up under the cuff and work the screwdriver back under the cuff about 1 1/2 inches to release the locking tab. Do this on both sides of the cuff at the same time.

    Once the locking tabs are released you should be able to slide the cuff up the hose. This will expose the hose wiring connections.

    These connections are push in connector and make note of there position in the grooves so that you can install back in the exact locations or the cuff will not want to go back on.

    Locate and release the locking tab on the spiral of the hose to remove the old elbow.

    Install the new elbow and turn into the same location as the old one and re-install the wiring connections and slide the cuff back up the hose onto the elbow with the two mold impression lines lining up and pull up hard enough to get the cuff to lock onto the tabs.

    ESSCO Part # P-45075

    A.E> Carter Part # PP92066.

    $49.95 save 31%
  • Panasonic Brush Roll - 8192015

    Panasonic Brush Roll - 8192015

    OEM Part # 8192015, 46-3402-03.

    This brushroll has the half-moon end caps.

    This brush roll fits the following Kenmore Upright Models: 116.35725400, 116.35623401, 116.32728200, 116.33612300, 116.33612301, 116.39712991.

    This brush roller also fits the Panasonic MCUG693.

    A.E. Carter Part #PP840
    Essco Part #KE-8192015, KER-2020, P-20023.

    $49.95 save 40%
  • Panasonic Brush Roll - AC84RASXZ00

    Panasonic Brush Roll - AC84RASXZ00

    This is the roller brush for the Panasonic MC-V5740, MC-V5746, MC-V5750, MC-V7309, MC-V5726, MC-V5760, MC-V7341, MC-V7380, MC-V7389, MC-V7390, MC-V7398

    A.E.Carter Part #PP84015, P-20072

    $49.95 save 20%
  • Panasonic Brush Roll - AC84RBZDZ000

    Panasonic Brush Roll - AC84RBZDZ000

    OEM Part #AC84RBZDZ000.

    This brush roll fits the follow Panasonic upright vacuum cleaners: V120, V413, V414, V415, V5009, V5110, V5504, V5734, V5737.

    ESSCO Part #P-20058

    $29.95 save 10%
  • Panasonic Brush Roll - AC84RBZEZ000

    Panasonic Brush Roll - AC84RBZEZ000

    OEM Part #AC84RBZEZ000, P-20022.

    This brush roll fits the Panasonic MC-V5744, MC-V5737, MC-V5745, MC-V5745-02, MC-V5734, MC-V7312, MC-V7314, MC-V7314-01, MC-V5706, MC-V5710, MC-V5715, MC-V5716, MC-V5720, MC-V5725, MC-V5740.

    $59.95 save 25%
  • Panasonic Brush Roll - AC92SBYYZ00

    Panasonic Brush Roll - AC92SBYYZ00

    OEM Part #AC92SBYYZ00, P-20043, P-20014, P-20015, P-20016, PR-2000, AC92SBYYZ000.

    This is the brush roll for the Panasonic MC-5110, MC-5111, MC-5115, MC-5116, MC-5120, MC-5121, MC-5130, MC-5131, MC-5209, MC-5217, MC-5239, MC-5240, MC-5241, MC-5250, MC-5255, MC-5258, MC-5261, MC-5267, MC-5268, MC-8320, MC-8330, MC-V5207, MC-V5217, MC-V5227, MC-V5237, MC-V5247, MC-UG583, MC-UG585.

    The brush roll is no longer made by Panasonic, so the one you receive might not look like the images shown.
    $59.95 save 17%
  • Panasonic Hose - 6 Foot - Generic

    Panasonic Hose - 6 Foot - Generic

    This is a 6' attachment hose designed to fit into the back of the following Panasonic upright vacuum cleaners:

    Panasonic 5110
    Panasonic 5120
    Panasonic 5130
    Panasonic 5210
    Panasonic 5220
    Panasonic 5230
    Panasonic 6210
    Panasonic 6220
    Panasonic 6230
    Panasonic 655
    Panasonic 658

    $39.95 save 25%
  • Panasonic Nozzle Base - AC03RAKTZU01

    Panasonic Nozzle Base - AC03RAKTZU01

    OEM Part #AC03RAKTZU01

    This power nozzle base assembly fits the Panasonic MC-V9658 , Panasonic MC-CG973, Panasonic MC-CG983, Panasonic MC-CG985, Panasonic MC-CG917; Panasonic MC-CG902.

    Alternatice part numbers: P-23670 , P-72152.

    $39.95 save 25%