Portable Vacuum Cleaners

Portable Vacuum Cleaners We sell many different brands of portable vacuum cleaners.


  • Eureka Sanitaire S3681 Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum

    Eureka Sanitaire S3681 Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum

    This is a great small portable canister for any bare floor as well above-the-floor cleaning you might have.

    * 12 amps.
    * 9.5 in. cleaning path
    * auto carpet height
    * Crevice, furniture, horsehair dusting brush & bare floor/carpet tool
    * Reverse blower
    * Uses Style MM paper bags
    * Metal telescopic wand
    * Two year warranty.

    Some units have a letter A, B, C, or D after the S3681 (I.E. S3681A, S3681B, S3681C, S3681D).

    $199.95 save 25%
  • Fuller Brush Nifty Maid Canister Vacuum - FB-NFM

    Fuller Brush Nifty Maid Canister Vacuum - FB-NFM

    OEM Part #FB-NFM

    The Fuller Brush Nifty Maid is perfect for small homes or dorm rooms that do not have a lot of carpet or just some area rugs or throw rugs. This powerful little canister is ideal for bare floor cleaning, but it can handle your rugs, too.

    There's an attachment for rugs, plus tools for cleaning baseboards and blinds. It’s lightweight, easy to store and perfect for cleaning stairs. This Fuller Brush canister is pretty swell ... in fact it's downright Nifty.

    Filtration HEPA Media
    Cord Rewind Yes
    On/Off Switch On Body
    Headlight No
    Tools Crevice, Upholsery, and Dusting Brush
    Brushroll N/A
    Bottom Plate N/A
    Warranty 1 Year
    Cord Length 16 Feet
    Motor 9 Amps

    $129.95 save 23%
  • Hoky 2400 Carpet Sweeper

    Hoky 2400 Carpet Sweeper

    The Hoky® PowerRotor Sweepers have state of the art Rotoblade wipers replacing the traditional brush. This feature is a giant leap in mechanical sweepers.

    The 9.5 inch wide model Hoky PR2400 offers advantages no other sweeper can match - a lightweight but durable ABS body; a 4-piece, center mounted, aluminum handle set; horsehair corner brushes and larger, soft rubber wheels.

    • Carpet • Tile (vinyl or ceramic) • Brick surfaces • Concrete • Astro Turf • Indoor-Outdoor Carpet • Seamless Vinyl • Terrazzo

    Dirt • Flour • Pins • Salt • Pet Food • Cigarettes • Lint • Grass • Popcorn • Sugar • Dust • Glass • Ashes • Thread • Crumbs • Sand • Confetti • Coins • Pet Hair

    Hotels • Home Use • Country Clubs • Churches • Motels • Restaurants • Schools • Industry • Retail Stores • Lounges

    $69.95 save 14%
  • Hoky 3000 - Restaurant Carpet Sweeper

    Hoky 3000 - Restaurant Carpet Sweeper

    This is a great product for all kinds of hard surface as well as carpeting. The PowerRotor will pick up debris that other carpet sweepers can't. Paper clips, sugar packets, broken glass and thread even coins are no problem. The Hoky 3000 will also clean in both directions(back and forth).

    Noiseless operation makes the PowerRotor the perfect solution to clean without the distracting noise of electric sweepers.

    Hard-to-reach places are no longer a problem with an aluminum handle that angles to fit underneath furniture. Likewise, the sleek design of the sweeper body fits easily in tight spaces. Additional brushes on the Hoky 3000, located in all four corners, reach the dust in even the furthest nook.

    The HOKY 3000 Sweeper with state-of-the-art RotorbladesTM replacing the traditional bristle brush, is the first giant leap in mechanical sweepers in many years. A new larger size offers advantages no other sweeper can match - lightweight but durable ABS body, a 4-piece aluminum handle set (centered mounted), horsehair corner brushes and larger, soft rubber wheels. These are only a few of the innovations to be found on the new HOKY PR3000. Naturally this sweeper requires no hoses, replacement bags or electrical connections. It is tough, durable and efficient, easy to empty, easy to clean and stows in a small space. No other sweeper in the world can make these claims.

    Cleaning Width - 12.5 Inches
    Dual cleanout chambers

    $99.95 save 10%