Riccar Filters

Riccar Filters We stock most all of the filters for the all Riccar vacuum cleaners.


  • Riccar 1500 HEPA Filter - RF15

    Riccar 1500 HEPA Filter - RF15

    OEM Part #RF15 (RF-15)

    Fits Riccar canister vacuum series 1500P, 1500M, and 1500S and Riccar canister vacuum cleaners using a RF15 HEPA filter.

    $24.95 save 24%
  • Riccar Filter - RFC-2

    Riccar Filter - RFC-2

    RC1400 (RFC-2) Same as Simplicity Prowler
    $11.95 save 8%
  • Riccar HEPA Filter - RF-18

    Riccar HEPA Filter - RF-18

    OEM Part RF-18.

    Riccar HEPA filter designed to fit the following Riccar canister vacuum cleaner models: Charisma, Starbright, and the Pristine and Starbright canister models STINE, CHAR and STAR canister models.

    $39.95 save 25%
  • Riccar Post Filter - B222-0000 - RF4-2

    Riccar Post Filter - B222-0000 - RF4-2

    Fits Riccar 4612, 4812, 4900A, 4950A.

    This filter fits on the back side of the bag compartment door.

    OEM Part #B222-0000

    This filter also works with the Simplicity 6000 upright vacuum cleaners and is known SF6-2.

    $12.95 save 23%