SEBO Vacuum Cleaner Cords

SEBO Vacuum Cleaner Cords We sell all SEBO canister and upright vacuum cleaner cords and cord winders (cord reels).


  • SEBO K Series Cord Winder - 665603E

    SEBO K Series Cord Winder - 665603E

    OEM Part #665603E, 6652, 6652ER

    This is the cord reel (cord winder) for the SEBO K Series canister vacuum cleaner, including the SEBO K2, SEBO K3

    This NEW cord winder has been upgraded over the original unit. If your machine was made prior to 2012 then you will like the new system. The cord is now 5' longer and has been reinforced and the rewind spring is also been reinforced as well.

    $69.95 save 14%
  • SEBO Upright Power Supply Cord - 5450DG

    SEBO Upright Power Supply Cord - 5450DG

    OEM Part #5450DG

    This is the standard electric cord that comes on all SEBO upright vacuum cleaners, including the X4, X4 Extra, X5, Felix, G1 ,and G2 models.

    SEBO X4 Cord
    SEBO X4 Extra Cord
    SEBO X5 Cord
    SEBO G1 Cord
    SEBO G2 Cord
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    PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes these cords are not coming with the original metal tabs on the ends of the wires. We sometimes are seeing these with simple soldered ends. Also, we now occasionally seeing these cords come in white not grey. If you really need the grey color, be sure to mention it on the check out page in the customer notes section.

    $49.95 save 20%