Founded in 1978 by a team of German engineers, SEBO has become the largest manufacturer of high-quality commercial upright vacuum cleaners in the world. Throughout the design and manufacturing stages of its various vacuum cleaners, SEBO has focused on providing its customers the key benefits of ease-of-use, reliability, consistent cleaning effectiveness, and high filtration. The features and durability of SEBO's vacuums naturally led to demand in the consumer market as well. Since its debut, SEBO has satisfied millions of customers around the world and become one of the most highly renowned brand names available. SEBO America now provides these exceptional products to the American consumer market.


  • Sebo Disco Floor Scrubber - 9433AM Onyx

    Sebo Disco Floor Scrubber - 9433AM Onyx

    Sebo Disco Floor Scrubber - 9433AM Onyx (Black)

    Cleaning and putting the shine back on your hardwood, natural stone, linoleum, or vinyl floors. What a pain!

    Sebo Disco Floor Scrubber

    It has never been easier to make those hard floors shine. The super efficient SEBO DISCO Ultra-High-Speed (UHS) floor polisher vacuums AND polishes at the same time!

    The speed of the SEBO Ultra-High-Speed floor polisher is 2000 U/min, which creates a brightly polished finish. The attached SEBO vacuum cleaner removes fine dust during polishing. The result is a spotless clean floor.

    The SEBO DISCO, along with an appropriate floor maintenance product*, gives the flooring a protective finish and high gloss shine. Using the UHS floor polisher at regular intervals will retain your floors value and beauty. This is professional floor care now available for your home.

    SEBO DISCO can be used with the following SEBO vacuum cleaners: FELIX, K3 & AIRBELT C3.1.

    *Please refer to the manufacturers maintenance guides for your type of flooring and floor maintainers.

    * Automatic height adjustment of the maintenance pad
    * Integrated dust removal (with attached SEBO vacuum cleaner)
    * Flexible turning swivel neck
    * Bumper
    * Three rubber-coated castor wheels
    * Electrical overload protection
    * Capacity: 200 Watts
    * Revolution speed: 2000 U/min
    * Working width: 30 cm
    * 5 year non-wear parts warranty
    * 5 year motor warranty
    * 1 year labor warranty
    * Weight: 3,9 kg

    $475.00 save 12%
  • SEBO duo Brush Machine - 9401AM

    SEBO duo Brush Machine - 9401AM

    The SEBO Duo-P Carpet Cleaner is one of the most thorough deep cleaning methods on the market today. The advantages are many with the DUO, but here are a few:

    You can walk on your carpet immediately after it has been cleaned. You can actually walk on it while it is being cleaned. Very easy to use. You vacuum first, sprinkle the Duo-P Powder out on the carpet, then use the SEBO Duo Carpet Cleaner. The Duo Carpet Cleaner is easier to push than a vacuum cleaner. The Duo Powder absorbs the dirt which you then vacuum up. It is impossible to hurt your carpet with this method. Re-soiling Rates: How often have you had your carpets cleaned and very quickly your carpets are dirty again? The Duo method leaves no residue like most wet shampoos. It does not re-attract soil. The Duo Powder actually has a built in fiber protector to help protect against future soiling and staining. You can clean only what is dirty. How much of your carpet actually gets walked on? if you are the average household or business, only 40% of your carpet gets walked on to a large extent. If you use a wet cleaning method, you have to clean every edge of the carpet. With the Duo, you can clean what is dirty -- traffic patterns, hallways, doorways, etc. and the Duo can blend in your other areas without having to clean wall to wall.

    You should also know:
    In a long-term study performed by the German Association for Allergy Research (GAF), it was shown that 6 months after a single treatment of duo-P, 7 out of 10 carpets proved to be free of dust mite allergens.

    $599.00 save 8%
  • SEBO Dusting Brush - 1094 GS

    SEBO Dusting Brush - 1094 GS

    OEM Part #1094HG, 1094GS, 1094 GS.

    This dusting brush will fit ALL models of SEBO vacuum cleaners.

    $19.99 save 8%
  • SEBO ET-1 Carpet Nozzle - 9299AM

    SEBO ET-1 Carpet Nozzle - 9299AM

    OEM Part #ET-1.

    This is the SEBO ET-1 Red Power Nozzle for carpet cleaning. Also referred to as a power nozzle or power head.

    This power nozzle fits the SEBO Airbelt D4, Airbelt K3, and Airbelt C2.1 and C3.1.

    Part# 9299AM
    $379.00 save 13%
  • SEBO ET-1 Circuit Board - 2983ER

    SEBO ET-1 Circuit Board - 2983ER

    OEM Part #2983ER.

    This is the circuit board for the SEBO ET-1 and SEBO ET-2 power nozzles frequently used with the SEBO K3 and SEBO Felix vacuum cleaners.

    It is item #134 in the drawing in the second image..

    NOTE: Usually the reason this board fails is because the telescopic wand is shorting out internally.
    The wand may very well work for awhile, but it is likely to fail again and burn out this board again.

    $69.95 save 29%
  • SEBO Extension Hose - 1495AM

    SEBO Extension Hose - 1495AM

    OEM Part #1495AM, 1495ER, 1495 AM, 1495 ER.

    This is the SEBO 9' Exhension Hose.

    This hose will connect to the attachment hose or wand on all SEBO upright vacuum cleaners.

    This hose is great for reaching up into high areas as well as cleaning stairs and steps while safely keeping the upright at the bottom.

    $47.99 save 6%
  • SEBO Felix Hose - 7050SB

    SEBO Felix Hose - 7050SB

    OEM Part #7050SB

    This is the side attachment extension hose on the SEBO Felix.

    It is number 34 in the picture.

    $59.95 save 17%
  • SEBO Felix Motor - 7041ER

    SEBO Felix Motor - 7041ER

    OEM Part #7041ER

    This is the main suction motor for the SEBO Felix upright vacuum cleaners.
    $89.95 save 7%
  • SEBO Felix Vacuum Cleaner Filter - 7012ER

    SEBO Felix Vacuum Cleaner Filter - 7012ER

    OEM Part #7012ER

    This is filter that fits underneath the paper bag in the SEBO Felix.

    UPC : 4012615701209
    EAN : 676224070121

    $14.99 save 13%
  • Sebo G1 Upright Hepa Vacuum Cleaners - 9591AT

    Sebo G1 Upright Hepa Vacuum Cleaners - 9591AT

    The SEBO G1 upright is designed to make cleaning as easy as possible while providing the best performance and convenience over an extended life span.

    Its commercial quality and design are ideal for heavy duty household cleaning.

    The powerful 12 amp., 2-fan motor provides plenty of power for any cleaning task.
    On-board attachments enables you to cover all of your above-the-floor cleaning.

    This vacuum has the ability to bend at the handle 180° parallel to the floor, allowing the operator to reach under beds and furniture with only 5.5" of clearance needed.

    This unit has a manual height adjustment.

    Quiet 66 dB Operation

    $769.00 save 9%
  • SEBO Handle Catch - 1859DG

    SEBO Handle Catch - 1859DG

    OEM Part #1859 DG, 1859DG

    This is the lock that hold the metal handle tube into the top of the bag housing on the SEBO X4, SEBO X5, SEBO Electronic 370. There may be other models as well.

    $5.95 save 17%
  • SEBO Hose - K Series Electric Hose - 6349AM

    SEBO Hose - K Series Electric Hose - 6349AM

    OEM Part #6349AM.

    This is the electric hose for the K Series SEBO canisters that use a motorized power nozzle for carpet. This hose has the on/off switch and suction control in the handle grip.

    This hose fits the SEBO K3, and the SEBO C3.1 canister vacuum cleaners.

    It is item #34 in the picture.

    $119.95 save 17%