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Shark Vacuum Cleaner Repairs

When it comes to Shark, the bad news is that Shark refuses to sell parts to any service center or repair shop at all. In fact, as a general rule-of-thumb, when Shark discontinues a model they stop making parts for it all together. Shark tends to cycle out their models every year or so. Most Shark vacuum cleaners will usually need some sort of repair within 1 to 3 years of use. Shark’s business model is pretty clear. They sell a vacuum that has decent performance, but they tend to break quickly, and are but all unrepairable. Most of Shark customers tend just buy another Shark when their first one breaks and end up trapped in the endless cycle of dropping $150-$200 every other year on a new vacuum cleaner. We are very happy to try to repair your Shark vacuum cleaner, but if we can’t fix your machine, you won’t get charged. Worse case senerio, we can use your Shark as a trade-in towards something that will not only clean a bit better, but will last much longer and when it breaks, we'll be able to repair it.