Sharp Betls

Sharp Betls Belts for all Sharp up right vacuum cleaners.


  • Sharp Upright Belt - EC-02BU3

    Sharp Upright Belt - EC-02BU3

    Standard Style.

    This belt fits ALL Sharp Upright models.
    Included models: EC-12TBC, EC-12TWC, EC-12TWT4, EC-12TWT6, EC-12SXT5, EC-TU2607, EC-TU2609, EC-T2640, EC-T2650, EC-TU2807, EC-TU2809, EC-T2860, EC-TU4607, EC-TU4609, EC-TU4707, EC-TU4709, EC-TU4810, EC-TU4840, EC-TU5907, EC-TU5909, EC-TU5910, EC-T5980.

    These belt are only sold two belts per pack.

    This is the SAME belt as the Panasonic UB belt.

    $5.95 save 16%