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  • Simplicity Whoosh Exhaust Diffuser - C345-5001

    Simplicity Whoosh Exhaust Diffuser - C345-5001

    OEM Part #C345-5000, C345-5001.

    This is an exhaust filter and airflow diffuser for the Simplicity Whoosh.

    6/01/2015 Update: This diffuser also works with the Simplicity Scout, FastVac FV-500, Fuller Brush FB-GIM, Fuller Brush FBP-PCV, Riccar SupraQuik, and the Butler vacuum.

    The new design also allows for the crevice tool to be stored on the back of it.

    If you look at the picture, it is the grey and black device on the back of the canister - the crevice tool is stored on it in the image.

    You may have noticed that the new Whoosh portable vacuum really lives up to its name—especially on the blower side. While the exhaust air doesn't create a stir for most people, some of you have asked for a way to tone down the airflow. To help diffuse the exhaust air, our engineers have developed a HEPA media filter that fits on the blower port.

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  • Simplicity Zenon Light Bulb - A350-0000

    Simplicity Zenon Light Bulb - A350-0000

    OEM Part #A350-0000

    This light bulb fits the Riccar R Series, 4000 Series, Vibrance Series, 8900 Series

    This bulb also fits the Simplicity Synchrony, Simplicity Classic, Simplicity Deluxe, Simplicity Freedom, Simplicity Premium.

    This bulb also fits the following Riccar and Simplicity power nozzles: RPB-100S, 220S, 224S, 300S, 226S.4

    This is also the same light bulb as the Hoover 27313107

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  • Suction Inlet Valve - 54.007

    Suction Inlet Valve - 54.007

    OEM Part #54.007.

    This is the suction inlet valve for the Riccar N2000A, Carpet Pro CPU-1, Carpet Pro CPU-2, and the Fuller Brush HD-1 upright vacuum cleaners.

    $19.95 save 36%